Back into jumpers


So I added a warm pic!! Maybe its just me, I've had this awful cold, but today and last night I have been freezing. The sun is warm but the wind has a bit of a cold freshness to it - I suppose after the balmy weather we had it just feels a little chillier!!


More silver work today to show which I did mean to show you last week, I also have some lampwork pieces to show - hopefully if my brain is in gear tomorrow I can show you some more. I ordered some new saw blades which is why I made these two pendants - It was definately the right decision as it was an far easier then before.


This last picture shows my latest earrings - they are long yet I think extremly easy to wear! I enjoyed the experiment though with the vines twisting around the square silver. Watching our honeysuckle go wild was the inspiration - its taking over the top garden but I can't wait for the flowers!



Fridays for me is usually coffee with friends but every so often something happens to change the plan from our usual cappacino at CHarlies (Charlestowns fabulous coffee shop) Friday was one of those days so with the arrival of my new torch I set about soldering - and boy I did lots. I was on a mission my "Just Silver" section on the website was looking a little sad and I really need to get pieces added. Of course I am slowly doing this so if there is something on todays post you fancy - drop me the usual email :)


Bracelets and earrings and a lovely necklace (you can already find in my Etsy store) I did have fun - there's something very theraputic about soldering, pickling and finally taking out of the tumbler!! Maybe its the hammering ;0)

My jewellery this weekend was influenced by the stone circles and the bracelet and necklace are both named after Cornish ones.


Where the week went!

What fabulous weather we have been having - ok its not going to last (in the southwest at least) so of course I've been making the most of it! Monday, a bank holiday or May Day as we call it, was really warm and we (the family) went to TRerice, owned now by the National Trust, a beautiful Elizabethan house and gardens. Elli and E even had a go at playing Cornish Kayling - a game of skittles, and ELli tried her hand at brass rubbings. LOts of sunshine and a run around the maze - great fun. Mamma, Gump and Nanny came to - so cups of tea and slices of cake finished off the day!
Of course when the weather is fine my designs tend to turn blue don't they and this one is no exception - named Arethusa after the NYmph who who turned into a fountain - these turquoise briolettes are gorgeous!
This bracelet is named Rioja and is garnet, crystal quartz and bali silver - all wound onto dainty chain for a really slinky feel - I'm working on a kyanite, iolite and moonstone one at the moment and have slightly pink arms from sitting outside this afternoon!!