Happy Birthday 'E'

Happy Birthday to my lovely 'E' who has now put up with me for over 11yrs, married for 9 - today I will spoil him rotten - strawberries and cream anyone??


Wire Boutique

Today the Wire Boutique was launched!! All the designers on the Boutique are from within the UK - using fine quality gemstones and wire in precious metals to create exclusive pieces of Art. You may recognise some of the names on there (me!) - all the designers have their own unique style and you will definitely get an exclusive piece of jewellery. I have become officially obsesses with wire at the moment - thick or thin everything has it on ;) I would even cover my dh in it - but he is a faster runner than me ;)
Here's one of my pieces for sale on WB - Apple Blossom - with beautiful Prehnite, Rose Quartz and peridot - this is one of my favourites. Luckily all the blossom on our apple tree seems to have produced apples so a bumper crop this year!!

Take a look and let me know what you think!


Ohhh featured

Do you remember this charm bracelet of mine featuring Isabelle Anderson's wonderful shells - well she's been featured on Art Bead Scene - how exciting! Thank you Caroline of Crafted Gems for the heads up!!

I am very busy at the moment trying to fulfill orders and get stock for the new website that should be open tomorrow morning - I will blog some more tomorrow about it but here's a taster of what I made end of last week ....

Not so Pure - available on Etsy and my website as of tomorrow :D


Ooops I did it again

Honestly I think the week is just two days long here - mind you the year is only 4 weeks.... I just can't believe my daughter will be going into the Juniors (Uk we have infants from 4yr-7yrs, then juniors 7- 11) it only seems a year ago I left her in Reception class age 4 - I cried - Elli barely waved!!
As you can see I have been creating - so I'm making the most of these very short weeks ;) I've also had a few commmissions I have been getting on with as well as getting prepared for a brand new website that will be launching very soon - very exciting :)
All these pieces are available on my website or Etsy from today complete with all the other new pieces I have made.

More animals

I won't bore you with too many more animals from WM Safari and if you scroll down you even may see some earrings ;0)

This rhino looked as if it quite fancied our car! E swiftly moved it but our lovely friends in the next cat thought it was hilarious!!
I love elephants and always thought them to be gentle creatures but apparently they can be a little temperamental!!

I also love giraffes with there long legs and they are beautiful.

And finally I came home and created this with rose quartz, prehnite and peridot.



I haven't disappeared really - my wonderful husband asked me to take a break from the website and work (I really am at it 24/7) and I promised I would but it turns out he was whisking me away for a few days with Elli to visit our lovely friends. So here I am after a relaxing 5 ( should have been 4 except the car broke down!) days filled with laughter, gin and food!!
One of the days we went to West Midlands Safari park - a bit like longleat where you drive in and around animals - of course some are behind fences but as you can see the Lions were not and as my favourite animal (I am a leo myself) I took quite a few pics!!

I won't bore you with it all now (more like spreading it out across the week!) but I wanted you to know I am Back!!