I haven't disappeared really - my wonderful husband asked me to take a break from the website and work (I really am at it 24/7) and I promised I would but it turns out he was whisking me away for a few days with Elli to visit our lovely friends. So here I am after a relaxing 5 ( should have been 4 except the car broke down!) days filled with laughter, gin and food!!
One of the days we went to West Midlands Safari park - a bit like longleat where you drive in and around animals - of course some are behind fences but as you can see the Lions were not and as my favourite animal (I am a leo myself) I took quite a few pics!!

I won't bore you with it all now (more like spreading it out across the week!) but I wanted you to know I am Back!!


Beverley Abbott said...

And bloody glad I am to hear it!! God I felt like my right arm has been missing ha ha!!
Hope you had a brill time with Ian and Ellie, speak later
love Bev xxx

Anonymous said...

So glad your back Jo, I'd wondered where you've been. Looks like you had a fantastic time!! It must be the Leo in you to have had such wonderful photo ops. I've been to many of these parks and have never seen such beautiful animals so close!! You lucky gal!

Jo said...

Wondered where you were! Sounds like you had a great time and a well deserved break. Great photos!

BetteJo said...

Oh yes - lovely man of yours to take you away - and to get those lions to pose so nicely for you! Welcome home!

erin (at) jewellerybyerin (dot) com said...

What a wonderful surprise! I love the safari park that is nearby to our home. I haven't been in quite a few years, but I am hoping to return soon. A few summers ago, I went to visit a friend in Connecticut, and while there we took a day trip to the Bronx Zoo. I LOVED every minute of it.
Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos.
erin - a fellow leo