More hammering

Ancient II
I seem to be stuck on creating for my Simply Heaven Range at the moment ~ I suppose while pieces are selling I have to redo them for the shop, both on my website and Etsy ~ while in my workshop I always get waylaid into creating something new ~ which is great fun and its usually while I redoing a piece these ideas flood in. Ancient II is a remake of my other earrings this time with five recycled silver pebbles adorning each hammered ring. These will be going up onto my website very soon.

Curly Ribbons ~Sold
These beauties came from another session in my work room, they sort of just happened but I think I will be making more and these sold really quickly ~ they were also featured in a treasury on Etsy as they were being sold in my Simply Heaven shop. But fear not there will be more I promise you .
And finally I have one of my signature bracelets to show you ~ made with Claire Morris of Rowanberry Glass Arts fabulous boro beads and mixed with blue opal, Chalcedony, Iolite and peridot and of course wire wrapped to creat a stunning bracelet in blues and greens.

Obscured by Clouds
This bracelet is available on my website in the Glass Gems section.


Etsy bragging

Today I am doing some Etsy bragging and showing some fabulous people off!! Since being not only on Flickr, Twitter and Etsy I have made some wonderful friends and met some really talented artists. Freya of Tiger Burning Bright is just one of many but she included me in her delicious looking Treasury. Freya's work is so inspirational to me ~ and with it she is such a lovely friend ~ I can highly recommend her Pastiche earrings I am wearing mine now :)
A Treasury, for anyone who isn't 'up' on Etsy and all its going ons, is a place to promote artists and sellers you really like ~ (Not good to put yourself in) I've been a few now and I have to say I really should show more of them off ~ sadly my way of getting a screenshot isn't great.

Leading me on to another seller ~
Babecakes 1011's shop is looking soo delicious I may even go to America just to try them out!! This one is the Lemon with Limon frosting and wow!! I could go on about all the wonderful cupcakes she has in her store but I would only depress myself with not being able to buy any!! I do urge anyone who is in the US or has family over there to treat yourself or them ~ then let me have some delightfully in details feedback!!

Finishing with my new Styled heart earrings ~ I have about 5 pairs left ~ they seem to be popular :)


Etsy Shop Open

As promised, a pic of the wonderful graphic design for my new shop and section on my website "Simply Heaven" ~ I love it and Sharon of Manamoon Studios is such a dream to work with. She seemed to understand exactly what I needed because of course I need it to work along side my gemheaven pieces. This design for me fits the bill and slowly I am now adding pieces ~ I have been busy soldering, hammering and polishing!!
Simply Diamond
I love this shape and will definately be making more of these diamond shaped earrings at some point ~ these ones are shiny but I think hammered and oxidised will look fabulous ~ the ideas are brimming over here!!
Simply earrings with Adventurine

More fun and flirty earrings coming too ~ like the ones above but with different stones and I have some fabulous czech glass coming soon ;) Remember I can make up in a variety of textures, shapes, colours etc so if you are thinking of someone in particular don't hesitate to give me a shout.


A new Section

Simply Studs
I've been really busy over the weekend trying to finish my stock for a new section of my website called Simply Heaven ~ I wanted to do some simpler pieces for Christmas shopping as I always get asked about what I have for less than £20/£15/£10. Hopefully this new section will help you all not only with your Christmas shopping but also if you want to buy yourself a little treat without breaking the bank! Each piece instead of being boxed up will be placed into a simple organza bag, because of this I can offer first class posting (Instead of only registered which my one of kind pieces have) ~ I promise you'll still see the gemheaven touches and as soon as the my delivery is here in the next couple of days I will show you how you will recieve your piece of Simply Heaven.

Wave pendant with Flourite

The main difference with the new section will be everything can be remade ~ nothing is one of a kind but I can say pieces will be limited (until the beads run out for example) but everything is also interchangable ~ so say you like the Wave pendant above but you don't like Flourite gemstones ~ tell me what you would like and I will make it up especially for you. I have had so much fun creating a new line of simple but fun jewellery I really hope when I launch it you will enjoy it to.
Simply earrings with Turquoise
Any questions then feel free to send me a email ~ have a look at my website for more information and check out Flickr for more pics! The lovely Sharon of Manamoon Studios is creating my new Etsy banner and avatar which I will show off once its all up and running ~ can you tell I am excited ~ the preview is stunning!!


No Love Too Small

No Love too Small
Sometimes I just play around in my workshop, seeing what shapes I can make and how I can incorporate them into my designs ~ No Love too Small ~ was just a heart commission I had last Friday, I made half a dozen hearts in vary sizes and showed the customer concerned. These were left over and I thought they were soo cute I had to use them, a 3mm rondelle in Ruby finishes them off perfectly I think. Measuring about 30mm {1.25"} approx they are small and dainty!

I must be in a red mood this week, with the ruby earrings and now these with Rubilitte garnet wire wrapped onto them ~ I love the effect though and these would make a perfect Christmas Day pair ~ eeeek did I say Christmas Day? haha today is my older Sister's birthday and mentally I don't even think about Christmas until after today so I am a little ahead of myself :)

Happy Birthday ALi!!



Ok those of you who know me well, know how terrible I have been of late and not only blogging but catching up on everyone elses blogs ~ I have great excuses ;) but won't bore you with them here because I have a new gadget on my blog! Yes, following is the new way to keep up to date with friends blogs ~ now at a drop of a hat I can see who is posting without trawling through each and everyone's ~ sadly if your blog or name was after L I probably wouldn't get to you because the beads would start calling and I would forget where I was ~ maybe its my age not the beads ....
Showing of my surprise bracelet ~ yes I actually used gold~filled and found it very lovely to work with. I love the warmth it gives the garnet too. The earrings are a bit of sneak preview ~ as of Monday evening not even my Flickr watchers have seen them yet!! What do you think ~ Amethyst, labradorite and pink Amethyst on posts ~ I'm really pleased with the out come but need to stop putting pink Amethsyt in everything I make :P



Luster of Life

I suppose my title may confuse you but as someone who can't help but watch the news I know the world and his horse are all waiting to hear some good news about the credit crunch ~ my fellow jewellery lovers will know that treating yourself in times of trouble is a great pick~you~up and treating friends and family especially now we are approaching Christmas!! So I'm coming up with a basic range ~ something that will still have the 'gem heaven' sparkle of course!

Ghost Tree

My lovely friend Brandi tagged me this week, anyone who has been reading my blog since the start will know I have been tagged a few times before ~ but you never know you may read something new about me today ~ well I will try!!

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by including links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

1) I love nail polish ~ mainly pinks and reds and have bottles of the stuff but I also bite my nails so colours are confined to my toes!! You will be pleased to hear I am trying and have one hand which is not quite as embarassing as the other

2) I'm in love with sock monkey ~ I found a site on Etsy with some stunners on and keep trying to tell Elli she wants one for Christmas!! I WILL have one lol!!

3) I am growing my hair ~ I get bored so easily and decided on a change ~ *disclaimer I may change my mind again at anytime

4) I've seen Mama Mia twice and actually would have gone more if I could have!!

5) I am tone deaf ~ can't sing a note yet I do a mean Babara Steisand in my shower!! WEll I think so (I was brought up on Barbara and especially love the Guilty album)

6) I can't leave the house without eyeliner and lipstick on!

7) I have an important medical appointment I keep putting off and need nagging about .....

Brandi tagged a few of my mates so here's my list

1) Izzy of Adventures in Glass
2)Bettejo's A bead a Day
3) Nina ~ Beads in the Belfry
4) Caroline ~ Crafted Gems
5) Sharon ~ Manamoon Studios
6) Becky ~ Chameleon Designs
7) Kelly ~ Kebo Jewellery



I've been in Germany - did anyone notice ;) My E won a place in the Mercedes Trophy World Final 2008 Golf Tournament and so I have been a WAG for a week!! There was four in the team - three playing and a team Captain plus partners and what fun we had! With 27 nations all socializing as well as the golf - it was a surreal, can you imagine not only flying Business Class (VIP lounge was fab) but also arriving in Suttgart to see the Vans to collect us!

Our guys were dressed as James Bond complete with Martini's - it was so cool to see them all being applauded. There was some fabulous costumes of national dress and from that first day it was one big party ~ and I am still suffering I can tell you :))
As Wags we were taken here, there and everywhere the above pic was taken at the Mercedes museam which was fantastic ~ like travelling through time with the car company. The great thing was we ended the Tournament here with the presentation can imagine partying amongst 30 yr old mercedes, mind you we didn't come into contact with them at the end of the evening wonder why!!
And here's my E mid~round have no idea what he's doing though ~ but then I have no idea how to play golf, a WAG is too busy shopping!!!!



Me~ Sold

Eeeek not often I would even think about putting a picture up of myself but as I went on and on and on about my eyes I think you all deserve (lol actually you don't deserve it hah) to see me in them!! I actually like my glasses but I am still adjusting to wearing them - and putting them down and working for half an hour without them before realising even though I have a string for that exact reason .....


I've done some more silver work to - I made some cute studs which I will show you below for a commission and loved them so thought I'd make a pendant which is so easy to wear! I actually love to work my frustrations out in the metal and I promise I put all the good and positive back in while polishing ;)

Fleur ~SOLD

Hope you like them :)


My Eyes continued...


I know its boring - the saga of my eyes but after the lovely comments and emails I had I thought you may wish to hear I have been!! I have been tested and ..................................................yes...............I need glasses!! No surprise there then ;) I have picked out some sexy black rimmed ones but as its only for close up work I shan't really be showing them off - unless you all want a pic?? Also my darling Elli needs them for th complete opposite reason - she needs them to see the white board (opposite to black board!!) so they are making her little bi-focals - and they look so cute on her!!
Watersnake Earrings
It was actually ok - the test and everything but its scary when you see how far your eyes have deteriorated although apparently for 10 years (yep thats how long I went in between) its not bad just .5 but I could really see a difference - do you think it will make a difference to my work??


I went on my hols

Kennack Sands ~ Reserved
I did, the family, some friends and I!!! But did I take any pics??? Nope - and yes I am kicking myself now! Mind you the weather was appalling , more like October than August - rain and winds - in fact my feet got so muddy - I refuse to wear wellies ( I was on my summer hols) but camping probably wasn't the best place to rebel, as the story my poor feet are telling now! Mullion is a beautiful part of Cornwall, quite wild (the way I like it) and the coast line is superb. Kynance Cove is a definite one to inspire a future design - in fact I can feel one bubbling up ;) Take a look at the website pics - much better than the ones I would have taken - because yes it was raining AGAIN!!

The Colour of Sunsets

Being neither north of south really on the Lizard Peninsula - does that make sense? - I saw some fabulous sunsets - on the rare occassion we had sun and this one sums up all the colours I saw. Beads by Caroline Cash of course with delicious Karen Hill Tribe Silver! Of course we all know the saying red sky @ night Shepherds Delight - which means a dry day following and I think the most perfect sunset I saw did actually mean this!! WE actually made it to the beach!

Splashing the Waves ~ RESERVED

Of course now we're home and now preparing for my Elli's (and mine) birthdays - a seven year olds party - please pray for dry weather!!! I can't believe she is seven - doesn't time fly when you are having fun!!

My Eyes

Aurora - SOLD

I think my eyes are starting to complain about all this close up work, I need nagging to go to the opticians! Years ago, and I mean B.E (Before Elli) in fact B.M (Before marriage) I had my eyes tested as my Auntie was diagnosed with Glaucoma, I need glasses for close up work, I had them as a Birthday gift (very expensive) and I hated wearing them. At the time I worked as a photographers assistant - setting up lights, booking in clients, sorting through the photographs, adding client base to computor, loading film etc. My head was up and down and I started getting headaches from glasses on and off, or in my case not taking them off at the right moments. So guess what I gave up wearing them.....


Of course I now need to be rechecked and my eyes are so sore in the evenings, I think they are crying for help. I'm just so bad at gtting myself checked out for some reason... you'd think after all my health scares I would be the opposite, sadly anything which is slightly invasive of my person I run screaming for the hills. WEll I suppose there's always more valium ....

ANd yes I am joking ;p


You know its bad when...

your friend who lives away rings to ask if you are ok because you haven't written your blog for over a week. Or your Dad tells you off and calls you boring. So to all my blog readers near, dear and far - I'm Sorry. I have been so busy I can hardly keep up with myself, parties, wholesale, commissions and of course life! But I am still making and the above pendant (which comes in antiqued and shiny silver) Infinity is one of my latest designs. Simplicity with a organic twist don't you think??
I also had my first ring commission which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Three slim line rings, one hammered, one grooved and one with a pebble on top. I hope you like them :)

Right more work is to be done - speak soon..


Happy Birthday 'E'

Happy Birthday to my lovely 'E' who has now put up with me for over 11yrs, married for 9 - today I will spoil him rotten - strawberries and cream anyone??


Wire Boutique

Today the Wire Boutique was launched!! All the designers on the Boutique are from within the UK - using fine quality gemstones and wire in precious metals to create exclusive pieces of Art. You may recognise some of the names on there (me!) - all the designers have their own unique style and you will definitely get an exclusive piece of jewellery. I have become officially obsesses with wire at the moment - thick or thin everything has it on ;) I would even cover my dh in it - but he is a faster runner than me ;)
Here's one of my pieces for sale on WB - Apple Blossom - with beautiful Prehnite, Rose Quartz and peridot - this is one of my favourites. Luckily all the blossom on our apple tree seems to have produced apples so a bumper crop this year!!

Take a look and let me know what you think!


Ohhh featured

Do you remember this charm bracelet of mine featuring Isabelle Anderson's wonderful shells - well she's been featured on Art Bead Scene - how exciting! Thank you Caroline of Crafted Gems for the heads up!!

I am very busy at the moment trying to fulfill orders and get stock for the new website that should be open tomorrow morning - I will blog some more tomorrow about it but here's a taster of what I made end of last week ....

Not so Pure - available on Etsy and my website as of tomorrow :D


Ooops I did it again

Honestly I think the week is just two days long here - mind you the year is only 4 weeks.... I just can't believe my daughter will be going into the Juniors (Uk we have infants from 4yr-7yrs, then juniors 7- 11) it only seems a year ago I left her in Reception class age 4 - I cried - Elli barely waved!!
As you can see I have been creating - so I'm making the most of these very short weeks ;) I've also had a few commmissions I have been getting on with as well as getting prepared for a brand new website that will be launching very soon - very exciting :)
All these pieces are available on my website or Etsy from today complete with all the other new pieces I have made.

More animals

I won't bore you with too many more animals from WM Safari and if you scroll down you even may see some earrings ;0)

This rhino looked as if it quite fancied our car! E swiftly moved it but our lovely friends in the next cat thought it was hilarious!!
I love elephants and always thought them to be gentle creatures but apparently they can be a little temperamental!!

I also love giraffes with there long legs and they are beautiful.

And finally I came home and created this with rose quartz, prehnite and peridot.



I haven't disappeared really - my wonderful husband asked me to take a break from the website and work (I really am at it 24/7) and I promised I would but it turns out he was whisking me away for a few days with Elli to visit our lovely friends. So here I am after a relaxing 5 ( should have been 4 except the car broke down!) days filled with laughter, gin and food!!
One of the days we went to West Midlands Safari park - a bit like longleat where you drive in and around animals - of course some are behind fences but as you can see the Lions were not and as my favourite animal (I am a leo myself) I took quite a few pics!!

I won't bore you with it all now (more like spreading it out across the week!) but I wanted you to know I am Back!!