I've been in Germany - did anyone notice ;) My E won a place in the Mercedes Trophy World Final 2008 Golf Tournament and so I have been a WAG for a week!! There was four in the team - three playing and a team Captain plus partners and what fun we had! With 27 nations all socializing as well as the golf - it was a surreal, can you imagine not only flying Business Class (VIP lounge was fab) but also arriving in Suttgart to see the Vans to collect us!

Our guys were dressed as James Bond complete with Martini's - it was so cool to see them all being applauded. There was some fabulous costumes of national dress and from that first day it was one big party ~ and I am still suffering I can tell you :))
As Wags we were taken here, there and everywhere the above pic was taken at the Mercedes museam which was fantastic ~ like travelling through time with the car company. The great thing was we ended the Tournament here with the presentation can imagine partying amongst 30 yr old mercedes, mind you we didn't come into contact with them at the end of the evening wonder why!!
And here's my E mid~round have no idea what he's doing though ~ but then I have no idea how to play golf, a WAG is too busy shopping!!!!


Ali P said...

Get you! It all sounds very glamorous and fabulous (no wonder you felt like crashing out when you got home, lol.
How exciting, though for your husband to be picked to play, he must be pretty good at golf (like you I don't have a clue ;)

Beverley Abbott said...

Hey Jo or should I call you Ms Jo now ha ha!! Week of being a WAG sounds ace. I hate golf myself but wouldnt have minded the partying ha ha!!

BetteJo said...

He's checking the lie!! Didn't you know?
Okay, I'm just parroting back something I've heard somewhere, no idea what it means! :)

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and experience some cool things though, sounds like you enjoyed it. Good for you!

Brandi said...

Pssst! You've been tagged!