Me~ Sold

Eeeek not often I would even think about putting a picture up of myself but as I went on and on and on about my eyes I think you all deserve (lol actually you don't deserve it hah) to see me in them!! I actually like my glasses but I am still adjusting to wearing them - and putting them down and working for half an hour without them before realising even though I have a string for that exact reason .....


I've done some more silver work to - I made some cute studs which I will show you below for a commission and loved them so thought I'd make a pendant which is so easy to wear! I actually love to work my frustrations out in the metal and I promise I put all the good and positive back in while polishing ;)

Fleur ~SOLD

Hope you like them :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work Jo and I love the glasses! I know it takes in getting used to wearing them but you'll get there.

BetteJo said...

Love the silver and the glasses are great! They look wonderful on you! I'm surprised that you can forget to wear them though, I CAN'T forget. I can't see without mine anymore. Not for anything close anyway. :)

KARA said...

Jo Jo looking hot in her new glasses.
And what hot jewllery your silver work skills are out of this world, I am loving the studs too cute.
Pop by my blog to find out whats happening on the 1st

Contrariwise said...

You look great in your new glasses.

I, for one, will NEVER post a picture of me. And even get my 18 yr old daughter to pose for all my jewelry shots.

(Except for the hands. The hands are still OK. Everything else is shot.)