I am so enjoying wire work at the moment and the above piece "Artemis" was a real labour of love - one of those projects that seemed to click even though it wasn't exactly what I started out to achieve. I definitely had aching hands by the end but am so pleased with the final outcome I am hoping to attempt another at some point.

Gorgeous boro beads by Claire of Rowanberry Glass - amazing colours to pull out - my favourite type of beads - someone on Flickr (sorry if its you) said it looked "appley" and I think they're right - like apple blossom - maybe I should photograph the blossom on our apple tree for comparison?
Finally some earrings I created with beautiful apatite, Iolite , aquamarine and gorgeous smooth rock crystal .
And thank you Hannah (Of Kutuu) who checked up on me this morning - she was worried because I have been a bad, neglectful blogger recently!! May, I promise will be an improvement :)


Blood Red

I have a thing about rubys at the moment - I love them - the rich colour almost pinky tones - yum!! The above earrings are with oxidised silver, which to me shows off the ruby to perfection But I have got a couple briolettes left so if you fancy something with shiny silver ...

See I told you I love rubies ;)

Today I woke to a nudge from the lovely Catherine of La Perle - to tell me Sharon of Manamoon had written about me on her blog. She made me so happy - a sweet lovely write up that made me blush down to my toes :) On Etsy where I have a little shop we have chance to show off other peoples work that you like, inspires you or you just want to promote - I love making these its like making a poster up!! I also love showing off my friends work they are such fun!!


On strict orders

My lovely Dad has been complaining that I'm not updating my blog enough so here I am as promised (well I promised my Mum ;0) ) The above pic is from Pentewen , a beach not far from us - the weather was quite rough as you can see - there was even surfers in the water - which you don't see much on the south coast - the waves are usually too small to be any good - but obviously the wind was in the right direction!

I've also been making lots of pendants too - this one is lapis lazuli and the blue is beautiful with oxidised silver on chain. I love the simplicity of pendants.

I promise to be back tomorrow with more...


Rolling In Gemstones!

Today I had a meeting with a lady from a gemstone suppliers - a lovely lady - who fell in love with my cat! She had so many gemstones I was in heaven. I even held in my hands a strand of th most beautiful diamonds which cost nearly as much as my lampwork collection :) Keishi pearls with an incredible luster, rubies - oh I could go on but I would get all you gem lovers drooling over your keyboards!!! Sadly I'm too busy pooling all my money into silver at the moment for my party on Friday!

I've also being doing some mor wire wrapping - I love this one with the ethereal blue of the Chalcedonywith ros quartz, pearls , crystal quartz and more Chalcedony all oxidised. It was a lot of work but well worth it - well I think :)


Weekend Posting

Elli had her first sleepover last night - they were chatting a lot - until gone 10 and E went and told them to calm down - then just before 6 am they woke again! Urghhh I know tonight Elli will be struggling , normally at the weekend she lies in until 8 (so do we!!) and she needs her sleep (so do we!) and getting up at the crack of dawn all week means the weekend lie ins are sacred !
I'm down to 38 sets of artisan glass beads but I have succumbed twice - I know a moment of weakness - sadly the beads are beautiful and je ne regrette rien ;) (Or I regret nothing for those of you who can't read french - or remember the song by Edith Piaf ( although I wasn't even a twinkle in my Daddy's eye when the song came out!)
The top bracelet is still available but the second - after being spotted on Flickr is off to the US to her new home. I'm now preparing for a party next Friday - lots to make and create - so back to it!!


New look

Slowly over the next few days my website and other places are having a spring clean - look out for it - hope you like it :)


Numb fingers

MY fingers are numb and my s isn't working properly because I have been playing with wire - a lot!! There is little pieces of wire under the s on my keyboard so I have to press really hard - so if anything doesn't make sense - add an s ;)

The earrings I love I made myself some a few weeks ago and haven't yet changed back to my other which is a good sign - with little teeny weeny seed pearls - let me know what you think won't you ? The necklace is with 'Autralian Opal' which is actually IMpression Jasper - its a beautiful oft bluey/green so with added aquamarine and fw pearls in bronze and ivory I thought she looked very ocean like.

and finally some more earrings with rose quartz on a twisted ring - I love these and plan on more in the near future!! Now before you nag I am still making with my lampwork beads so to finish some lampwork earrings - fun and beach themed


OK I know

where have my blog posts been - well I did warn you - blog posting with a six year old is hard you get to the middle of a post and get called away - then you come back and forget where you are - I have quite a few unfinished ones in draft this week. I also would like to apologises to my blogging friends for neglect ;)

Part of me is looking forward to normality when Elli goes back to school but she is such good company too I will miss her loads! Yesterday we went shopping - I love shopping but I don't do enough of it (contrary to what my E says!) She is such good fun and loves looking at clothes as much as I do - especially if they come in her size - yes I have a real girly girl :)

I'm down to 40 sets I think (although bad girl that I am I've recieved another 2 sets in the post - do I have to count them lol) I'm working on getting down to 20 arghhh but its hard!