Weekend Posting

Elli had her first sleepover last night - they were chatting a lot - until gone 10 and E went and told them to calm down - then just before 6 am they woke again! Urghhh I know tonight Elli will be struggling , normally at the weekend she lies in until 8 (so do we!!) and she needs her sleep (so do we!) and getting up at the crack of dawn all week means the weekend lie ins are sacred !
I'm down to 38 sets of artisan glass beads but I have succumbed twice - I know a moment of weakness - sadly the beads are beautiful and je ne regrette rien ;) (Or I regret nothing for those of you who can't read french - or remember the song by Edith Piaf ( although I wasn't even a twinkle in my Daddy's eye when the song came out!)
The top bracelet is still available but the second - after being spotted on Flickr is off to the US to her new home. I'm now preparing for a party next Friday - lots to make and create - so back to it!!


Crafted Gems said...

oh wow it's gone already, fantastic

erin said...

I love that Eirene piece. The colours are just spectacular. TOo bad it's already sold. Lucky whoever bought it.

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Jewellery Craft said...

Hey hun, loving your jewellery, as always :) perfect!

Sleep overs, nightmare, think girls are worse than boys, kept finding mine awake and playing playstation..... Everybody had bags under their eyes next day!!


The Crimson Moon said...

Beautiful Jo, especially Ocean Drive :D

Liz x

Alison said...

Great pieces, Jo. I can't stop singing 'Ocean Drive' now. We actually drove up and down it last year on our visit to Miami!!