On strict orders

My lovely Dad has been complaining that I'm not updating my blog enough so here I am as promised (well I promised my Mum ;0) ) The above pic is from Pentewen , a beach not far from us - the weather was quite rough as you can see - there was even surfers in the water - which you don't see much on the south coast - the waves are usually too small to be any good - but obviously the wind was in the right direction!

I've also been making lots of pendants too - this one is lapis lazuli and the blue is beautiful with oxidised silver on chain. I love the simplicity of pendants.

I promise to be back tomorrow with more...


Izzy said...

What a gorgeous beach!! Love the pendants too!

Beverley Abbott said...

Oh bless your lovely dad!! He might have something to complain about if he were mine!! LOL you know what I mean obviously ha ha!!
I love your pendants too - funny but I bought some chain exactly like that on your lapis one - you have really brought out the beauty in the stone:)

BetteJo said...

Love love love the pendents! Love the silver and the way you put them together. Really nice!!

Falskblondin said...

Great work, love your pendants and the bracelets with lamwork beads.

Lotta said...

I love the simple, clean lines of your pendants!

Catherine said...

As you know Jo, I love those pendants, particularly the blue.

I've left you a message on your Treasury, but just to make sure you know .... THANK YOU!! XXX

Anonymous said...

You know Jo, I can't believe I just found your blog... yesterday! I've visited your other sites daily!

I had not idea that you lived in such a beautiful location. Now I understand you seemingly endless inspiration!

The new pendents are just gorgeous and your work is perfection, as always! :) ~Sharon

Jewellery Craft said...

Love that Lapis, which is of course perfectly put together!

Big waves, I love big waves, can watch the sea for hours, so relaxing.