Blood Red

I have a thing about rubys at the moment - I love them - the rich colour almost pinky tones - yum!! The above earrings are with oxidised silver, which to me shows off the ruby to perfection But I have got a couple briolettes left so if you fancy something with shiny silver ...

See I told you I love rubies ;)

Today I woke to a nudge from the lovely Catherine of La Perle - to tell me Sharon of Manamoon had written about me on her blog. She made me so happy - a sweet lovely write up that made me blush down to my toes :) On Etsy where I have a little shop we have chance to show off other peoples work that you like, inspires you or you just want to promote - I love making these its like making a poster up!! I also love showing off my friends work they are such fun!!


Jewellery Craft said...

I've never been a fan of the red stones until NOW, hmmmmmm, lovely rubies, think you've converted me!


manamoon said...

The rubies are just gorgeous - love the color - they remind me of something yummy to eat!

The blog was my pleasure Jo! You are a such a remarkable artist (and to think you're self taught - all that creativity just bubbling over from inside)!

The treasuries you make are so beautiful not just in that they're fabulous eye candy but through your kindness of promoting other artisans. Thank you SO much!

You're a beautiful person - no blushing allowed! :) ~Sharon

Izzy said...

Beautiful work, as always - you have a real feel for colour and texture.

KARA said...

oh pretty red tones, yummy

BetteJo said...

I agree, yummy rubies! Especially crazy for the bracelet!