More hammering

Ancient II
I seem to be stuck on creating for my Simply Heaven Range at the moment ~ I suppose while pieces are selling I have to redo them for the shop, both on my website and Etsy ~ while in my workshop I always get waylaid into creating something new ~ which is great fun and its usually while I redoing a piece these ideas flood in. Ancient II is a remake of my other earrings this time with five recycled silver pebbles adorning each hammered ring. These will be going up onto my website very soon.

Curly Ribbons ~Sold
These beauties came from another session in my work room, they sort of just happened but I think I will be making more and these sold really quickly ~ they were also featured in a treasury on Etsy as they were being sold in my Simply Heaven shop. But fear not there will be more I promise you .
And finally I have one of my signature bracelets to show you ~ made with Claire Morris of Rowanberry Glass Arts fabulous boro beads and mixed with blue opal, Chalcedony, Iolite and peridot and of course wire wrapped to creat a stunning bracelet in blues and greens.

Obscured by Clouds
This bracelet is available on my website in the Glass Gems section.


Etsy bragging

Today I am doing some Etsy bragging and showing some fabulous people off!! Since being not only on Flickr, Twitter and Etsy I have made some wonderful friends and met some really talented artists. Freya of Tiger Burning Bright is just one of many but she included me in her delicious looking Treasury. Freya's work is so inspirational to me ~ and with it she is such a lovely friend ~ I can highly recommend her Pastiche earrings I am wearing mine now :)
A Treasury, for anyone who isn't 'up' on Etsy and all its going ons, is a place to promote artists and sellers you really like ~ (Not good to put yourself in) I've been a few now and I have to say I really should show more of them off ~ sadly my way of getting a screenshot isn't great.

Leading me on to another seller ~
Babecakes 1011's shop is looking soo delicious I may even go to America just to try them out!! This one is the Lemon with Limon frosting and wow!! I could go on about all the wonderful cupcakes she has in her store but I would only depress myself with not being able to buy any!! I do urge anyone who is in the US or has family over there to treat yourself or them ~ then let me have some delightfully in details feedback!!

Finishing with my new Styled heart earrings ~ I have about 5 pairs left ~ they seem to be popular :)