My Eyes continued...


I know its boring - the saga of my eyes but after the lovely comments and emails I had I thought you may wish to hear I have been!! I have been tested and ..................................................yes...............I need glasses!! No surprise there then ;) I have picked out some sexy black rimmed ones but as its only for close up work I shan't really be showing them off - unless you all want a pic?? Also my darling Elli needs them for th complete opposite reason - she needs them to see the white board (opposite to black board!!) so they are making her little bi-focals - and they look so cute on her!!
Watersnake Earrings
It was actually ok - the test and everything but its scary when you see how far your eyes have deteriorated although apparently for 10 years (yep thats how long I went in between) its not bad just .5 but I could really see a difference - do you think it will make a difference to my work??


I went on my hols

Kennack Sands ~ Reserved
I did, the family, some friends and I!!! But did I take any pics??? Nope - and yes I am kicking myself now! Mind you the weather was appalling , more like October than August - rain and winds - in fact my feet got so muddy - I refuse to wear wellies ( I was on my summer hols) but camping probably wasn't the best place to rebel, as the story my poor feet are telling now! Mullion is a beautiful part of Cornwall, quite wild (the way I like it) and the coast line is superb. Kynance Cove is a definite one to inspire a future design - in fact I can feel one bubbling up ;) Take a look at the website pics - much better than the ones I would have taken - because yes it was raining AGAIN!!

The Colour of Sunsets

Being neither north of south really on the Lizard Peninsula - does that make sense? - I saw some fabulous sunsets - on the rare occassion we had sun and this one sums up all the colours I saw. Beads by Caroline Cash of course with delicious Karen Hill Tribe Silver! Of course we all know the saying red sky @ night Shepherds Delight - which means a dry day following and I think the most perfect sunset I saw did actually mean this!! WE actually made it to the beach!

Splashing the Waves ~ RESERVED

Of course now we're home and now preparing for my Elli's (and mine) birthdays - a seven year olds party - please pray for dry weather!!! I can't believe she is seven - doesn't time fly when you are having fun!!