I had a relatively queit day yesterday so I managed to get some pieces done - I love it when something just clicks together - from the moment I purchased these beads I just "knew" what to do with them!!

The beads are a blue with amythest and sky blue glass and mixed with Karen Hill Tribe they are just delicious!!

I know I didn't want to mention the weather AGAIN but trully there isn't much else to talk about - there are flood everywhere and the poor people whose homes have been invaded by the smelly water must be beside themselves. It really does break my heart to see them on the tv news.
Although here in Cornwall the weather has been atrocious we haven't see that many floods - can you believe its nearly July - WE NEED SOME SUN!!!! Come on everyone do a sun dance - Ohhhh great name for my next piece!!!!

© Gemheaven 2007


Indian Summer

Well those of us in the UK are hoping for one anyway!!

The weather is horrendous here (am I repeating myself lol) with gales and rain so heavy and continuously falling it has flooded many parts of the country. Instead of the heatwave of last year we are in coats, carrying umbrellas and its more welly boots then flip flops!

Anyway this is the name of my latest piece which will be on the website from July 1st - the silk ribbon colour is fabulous - the deepest fuschia pink -- delicious :) Mary Parker of Flamingo Beads created these fabulous boro beads - the colours are fantastic and I wish my photography picked it up better!

Don't forget to submitt for my newsletter on the website for the chance to win some earrings ;)
© Gemheaven 2007


How depressing!

The weather here in the UK stinks - its wet and windy and more like March than June and everybody you speak to seems to be depressed or low because of it - where is the sun???

Tomorrow I was supposed to be having my hair cut but friends from Spain (My old boss when I worked in a photographers) are here for a week and they asked to see me - I can't wait I haven't seen them for 4 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (scary thought I probably weigh a lot more since I last saw them )

I have been busy making I still have commissions coming out of my ears (I finish one and get more - not that I'm complaining its definately keeping me busy!!)

This one is called Bali Butterfly made with 10mm turquoise and Bali silver with a fabulous Bali silver butterfly clasp

The earrings are called Bali Babe

© Gemheaven 2007


I'm still here!!!

I've had this hayfever thing which is driving me potty - well I think it is - cold, headaches , lethargy so there's something up and this has been going on for 3 weeks now :'(

Anyway the website has changed a little I've changed the sections - Sea gems, Earth Gems, Glass gems which seems to go more with Gemheaven - comments are much appreciated ;)

I have made something for the Sea gems section - this is where everything which is inspired by the sea and beaches around me here in Cornwall.

This one is Rashleigh Pebbles - named after the local village of Charlestown where there is a fabulous pebbley beach - great history here too which I will try and write a bit for the website ...later
© Gemheaven 2007


Two days to go

I've been busy tryying to finish a few things off today ready to start my inventory for Saturday - I have to go into my dh's work again tomorrow and finish what I should have finished today if it wasn't for the VAT return so I have to get on with it tonight - busy busy!!
Here's my first necklace called Over the Rainbow lampwork by Red Hot Sal and mixed with swaovski crystals and silver - on a chain ( Of course its sterling ;0) ) !

I love this bracelet called Trio a mixture of Kyanite, fw pearls and Labrodite - see the blue flashes - gorgeous!!!!! With a simple sliding clasp.

© Gemheaven 2007