How depressing!

The weather here in the UK stinks - its wet and windy and more like March than June and everybody you speak to seems to be depressed or low because of it - where is the sun???

Tomorrow I was supposed to be having my hair cut but friends from Spain (My old boss when I worked in a photographers) are here for a week and they asked to see me - I can't wait I haven't seen them for 4 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (scary thought I probably weigh a lot more since I last saw them )

I have been busy making I still have commissions coming out of my ears (I finish one and get more - not that I'm complaining its definately keeping me busy!!)

This one is called Bali Butterfly made with 10mm turquoise and Bali silver with a fabulous Bali silver butterfly clasp

The earrings are called Bali Babe

© Gemheaven 2007

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Beverley Abbott said...

I love it love it!!! You are so talented babe!!

loads a love bev x