44 and counting!!

I'm working like a trojan I really am - my bead stash is slowly going down and I haven't bought any beads since Tuesday - what do you mean TUESDAY!! I know I slipped up but I clicked buy before I even thought about it - well I suppose thats how I have 44 sets still in my box lol!! So if you can do your maths I have used 3 sets since I last posted! The above set is a Emma Ralph Ice bead set and I love the colours - don't you? (YOu can find this one on my Etsy shop - if you are interested)

Then I had some fun with some of the lovely Laura Sparlings beads - lots of delicious desserts - I think these look very summery - don't you!

I have one more set I have made up into a bracelet which I will save until tomorrow - hopefully I will be able to subtract a number or two from the title - wish me luck ;0)


Mary said...

What beautiful pieces! I don't know how you do it, snapping up Laura's beads, I thought they only came with a "SOLD" label on them! I've only managed to buy one set so far, everything else goes so quickly.

Can I also say what a stunning piece you've made with Caroline's beads (last post's photo). I got SO excited about working out blogger that I forgot to say so!

Catherine said...

What are you like Jo?!!

Laura said...

I love the earrings Jo - and I love the puddingy names too! The Orange Cheesecake ones are my favourites.

Laura x

Nia said...

great stuff Jo, and those earrings aer so zingy!

KARA said...

44 sets OMG, I thought I was bad with 7, lol.
Wow emma's beads are beautiful especially in your designs

Izzy said...

Scrumptious!! All of them! I love the earrings, and the necklace is so dramatic!

BetteJo said...

Some pretty stuff there!