Grrr post

I promised you a look at these earrings on Thursday didn't I?? I hope you like them I seem to be taken with wire wrapping at the moment - I think the more confident I am with silver wire the better it is becoming. I also made a few more pieces yesterday which I will show you in the week - in fact my wrists were aching this morning and I'm sure my eyes need testing!

This pendant was actually made for my friends birthday - her birthstone of course and I wanted something simple yet pretty. I think I may be making a few more of these pendants......
Now there is one thing all these pieces have in common... yes the gemstones. I adore gemstones and I placed my normal order of lots of beautiful, special pieces last Monday- I waited and waited , Thursday I contacted my lovely supplier who told me they were posted Monday! Arghhh Yesterday still no gemstones - now a week is too long for recorder post from Scotland to here - ok I may be the bottom and Scotland at the top BUT I 've had supplies from Hong Kong come quicker than that! I have an awful feeling that they are gone for good! Now I love my postie - he's fantastic and doesn't seem to mind me pouncing on him when a parcel is expected. The ones that cover for him are great too but somewhere the Royal Mail seem to have started to employ people who are less then trustworthy - this isn't the first parcel I have lost - you may have gathered! So fingers crossed my parcel is lost and will be found!


Kebo Jewellery said...

Stunning pieces, my fav is the earrings, the colour is fab and your wire work is amazing. I have been trying to wire wrap for the last few weeks and it is sooooo hard!!!

I hope the parcel arrives soon!

K x

Bev said...

Superb wire wrapping - do you use SOFT or HALF HARD sterling wire?

I too have lost stuff in the post recently and it IS really upsetting and frustrating - so hope yours turns up tomorrow!!


Maz Simpson said...

Lovely wire work Jo!!

I really hope your goodies turn up soon, I've had parcels go missing too and it really gets me annoyed. I could rant all day about Royal Mail... grr!

Hope you're not suffereing too much with the storms :(

Maz x

Diamond rings said...

Beautiful jewellery!

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Pretty, pretty! And congrats on winning the Art Bead Scene contest! You rock!