Monday again!

After the excitement of my treasury this morning I thought I'd better come back and give you an update on my lampwork jewellery - well I'm down to 40 sets now!! Yes I have used another 4 sets since I last spoke to you - I have been busy :) It is still holidays though for my daughter so we do have to spend some time together ;)

This set includes beads by the very lovely Isabelle Anderson - I have to blame my friend Izzy for actually making me fall in love with lampwork bead in the first place - her website is where I got my very first set! I love the luminous look of these and have actually been coveting them for a while - so much Izzy forgot about them ;)


Mary said...

Wow, this is absolutely wonderful! You've worked magic with Izzy's beads. They make me think of the sky as night falls (perhaps not in this country!. I can't believe Izzy can make beads like that and forget about them!!!

Now give us the details about the etsy thing (Hana's bracelet:mmmmmmmm!!!)

Jewellery Craft said...

40 sets, wayhay!!! You're doing well lady, hows the withdrawals?

Beautiful jewellery (as always) show casing beautiful beads, lovely!!


Beverley Abbott said...

love the beads and of course what you my mate have done with them - wonderful as ever

love bev xxx

Nia said...

stunning work, and how on earth can Izzy forget those beads!!!
(Confess you even had me counting my yet-to-be-made-up lampwork stash, waaaaaay to obscene a number to go public about, but does that stop us buying? Good luck with the self-restraint anyway!)

Alison said...

What gorgeous, beautiful beads and what you've done with them is inspired - I love it.

Izzy said...

Aww, Jo!! I didn't know you had your first lampwork from me!!!I'm honoured!
I think we started at much the same time, and we've been egging each other on ever since!! LOL!