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Simply Studs
I've been really busy over the weekend trying to finish my stock for a new section of my website called Simply Heaven ~ I wanted to do some simpler pieces for Christmas shopping as I always get asked about what I have for less than £20/£15/£10. Hopefully this new section will help you all not only with your Christmas shopping but also if you want to buy yourself a little treat without breaking the bank! Each piece instead of being boxed up will be placed into a simple organza bag, because of this I can offer first class posting (Instead of only registered which my one of kind pieces have) ~ I promise you'll still see the gemheaven touches and as soon as the my delivery is here in the next couple of days I will show you how you will recieve your piece of Simply Heaven.

Wave pendant with Flourite

The main difference with the new section will be everything can be remade ~ nothing is one of a kind but I can say pieces will be limited (until the beads run out for example) but everything is also interchangable ~ so say you like the Wave pendant above but you don't like Flourite gemstones ~ tell me what you would like and I will make it up especially for you. I have had so much fun creating a new line of simple but fun jewellery I really hope when I launch it you will enjoy it to.
Simply earrings with Turquoise
Any questions then feel free to send me a email ~ have a look at my website for more information and check out Flickr for more pics! The lovely Sharon of Manamoon Studios is creating my new Etsy banner and avatar which I will show off once its all up and running ~ can you tell I am excited ~ the preview is stunning!!


Crafted Gems said...

they are beautiful Jo

BeadyPool said...

Gorgeous pieces - loving the idea of choosing gems to suit. Off to check out your webpage now.

BetteJo said...

Really pretty pieces - and nice to give customers the choice of some less expensive options. There's even more of you to go around!

Always Amy said...

I love those heart studs. Nice work. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh your new shop is fabulous Jo and how wonderful of you to include a shout out for me! I love the simplistic designs and they're so popular right now, yet they they have the Gem Heaven had made quality that makes them true treasures!

Lisa said...

Hi Jo
How much is the wave pendant? It's lovely

Gemheaven said...

Hi Lisa

That one has sold but I can always make you another ~ just let me know.