And another....

Lovely BetteJo passed this on to me - isn't it lovely:) I have a few people I want to pass it onto - the people who always listen to my waffle whether here or through emails or msn. Sometimes when life is getting us down its our friends that add that little bit of sunshine. SO my awards goes to all my friends you know who you are!!

I'm also going to have a little brag - yesterday I had email from Cindy, one of the editors of Art Bead Scene - I was featured yesterday :) Go take a look - How exciting!!

Right I'm off for my swim - hoping to swim 55 lengths today (small pool!! probably more like 27.5!!) Enjoy your day!


Beverley Abbott said...

fab stuff jo - your gonna be blooming famous!!
Im starting swimming tomorrow too all in a big push to lose weight for the wedding of the year ha - oh and i love love love love the necklace xxxxx

KARA said...

oh gorgeous Necklace, congrats to you how amazing.
55 lengths I wouldn't make 5 lol

Jewellery Craft said...

Wonderful, congratulations on being featured Mrs and with such a gorgeous necklace!!!! Well done you!!!!

No way I'd put my behind into a swimsuit, decided it needs taking in hand and an effort must be made to lose some weight before someone tattoo's wide load on it! ;-)


BetteJo said...

And why wouldn't you be featured? Every single thing you create is beautiful!!
... and you just shamed me into getting on my treadmill. :) My tush thanks you for the push!

Jewellery Craft said...

For the award, if I may,
Take five minutes just to say,
To my lovely friend....YAY,
You really did make my Day!!!!

Thanks sweets, love ya!


hee hee, not as good as yours...

Barb Macy said...

Jo, you have been busy lately, girlie! Congrats on the props, too! Way to go, your things are gorgeous!

msbelle said...

Congrats on the recognition! I agree with Bette Jo. Your pieces are always exceptionally beautiful, so it's very deserving!

Hope you didn't get too 'shook up' over there from the little quake you had!!