Oh aren't I good, a second post in two days!! I have quite a few pieces to show you so I have to keep posting! This wire wrapped bracelet has the most amzing beads by Isabelle Anderson - the colours in them are fabulous! YOU will notice it has been oxidiised but it really made the colours pop! when I did it (as well as loving the look!)

The saga of the disco continues, my lovely 6 yr old has her eye on two boys! One she has had a major fluttering of eyelashes at ever since they went to Nursery together - he lives only a few doors down and they are weekend (and warmer weather) playmates. Elli has always been sure they will marry at some point, even when she tells me he loves another. Yes, I know my daughter is only six but she also thinks she is a princess!! Now, a new boy has arrived on the scene - he in her class (and has been since September) and she is very giggley when talking about him - luckily being only six she tells Mummy everything, they even held hands in class on Monday! So who do you think she is going to dance with at the disco on Friday - my pick is on her first crush but hey being six that could change at anytime and I'm sure I'll get a "Duh Mummy that was ages ago" if I ask then - we'll have to wait and see!


Laura said...

The bracelet is just beautiful, Jo. :o)

Laura x

Gemheaven said...

Thanks Laura :)

BetteJo said...

Gorgeous bracelet and yes, those beads are beautiful!

I just realized, you are talking about a dance for a six year old, right? I didn't have any kind of dance until I was 13 or 14!

Gemheaven said...

My first dance was at 11 - so yes its getting earlier!! Bless she is so excited - probably be more her cup of tea if it were fancy dress and she could go as sleeping beauty!!