How scary! Not for me, I live in Cornwall (down the bottom) so we seem to be safe from these happenings - although I have experienced tremors before. Two summers ago on a holiday to the Greek island of Zante we woke in the night with the feeling our bed had been picked up and shook around. Then one morning by the pool we had another - funny thing is the children didn't even notice!! The third was the worst - it actually made me feel quite ill - we were shopping and everything in the shop started swinging and rocking. The owner didn't even bat an eyelid though - so we decided not to be worried! But how I would react in a earthquake is anyones guess - were any of you affected???

I wante dto show you the other pieces I made with Beverley Hicklins beads - (after my last post - see below) I love the colours in these and was influenced by Italy (One of my favourite countries) Now I have to finish the preparations for the party - my first in 2 months - so its getting everything back together - the worst part is the pricing each and every piece up - think of me.....


Jewellery Craft said...

If the earth moved in Dorset, I slept through it!!!! ;)

Where abouts in Zante did you stay? We spent a month on the island (my parents lived on a Greek island called Lefkas for 20 years), we went to see the turtles hatching, had a fantastic time!!

Enjoy pricing!!!


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Argh Jo! I've just been on about the earthquake in my blog too. We are at the epicentre here (in Lincolnshire) and it woke me up in the middle of the night. I was so scared! I daren't go back to sleep in case it 'came back'. I don't envy you pricing jewellery, its a nightmare. Beautiful pieces though!!!

Janine xx

Brandi said...

Ugh, I hate earthquakes. When I lived in LA, I experienced a few, and it was the weirdest sensation. Thankfully, they were all minor earthquakes, but I remember feeling like I was on a kiddie rollercoaster - up and down, up and down.

And the last time I was in Hawaii, there was an earthquake there, too!! The world is going crazy, I tell you.

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I heard about your earthquake on the news as I was getting ready for work. They also went on to say that earthquakes were very rare for your part of the world.

Earthquakes aren't my thing either. :) I live in the Pacific Northwest - land of earthquakes and volcanos (Mt. Rainier is practically in my backyard).

Beverley Abbott said...

I am happy to say that I slept through the earthquake!! Mind you I could sleep through a brass band parading through my bedroom - even the really light sleeper Mr Wainwright didnt notice anything - bizarre I tell you!!

Fab jewellery as always Jo - I love your stuff - good luck for tonight too I hope you make lots and lots of spondoolies!!

BetteJo said...

I commented somewhere else - if I knew it would be safe - I would love to experience an earthquake. Just once.
But so far no one can guarantee mine or anyone else's safety - I'll pass. :)