Where was it??

So did you get any?? SNOW I mean! We had nothing , well nothing is slightly wrong as although we didn't really get snow we did get every other weather condition the UK can throw at us! Rain, wind, hail, sleet, sun, cloud, more hail, more sleet, and so it went on. My poor dd was waiting all day for the snow she thought we had been told we were getting!! Luckily lunch out with Mamma and Gump saved me from a few hours of moaning! We had lunch in a pub by the sea - watching the waves and headland across the bay was amazing - sadly I had no camera so no pics to show.

If you have any snow pics on your blogs please let me know - I can at least show Elli, luckily she enjoys seeing pics as well as enjoying the real thing!
Today I made some chains ready for my gemstone order which I hope will arrive Tuesday of this week, I'm also hoping for a artisan glass charm bracelet - again if my supplies turn up. In fact I have quite a few pieces waiting for supplies so there will be lots to show in the next couple of days - and this time I promise *cough {without fingers crossed} to try and post every other day at least. I have an excuse though - you are all keeping me way to busy creating and my blogging is going to pot!
Speak tomorrow ;0)


BetteJo said...

Oooh, is that moonstone? How pretty!

Lots of snow here, but that's normal for us in the winter. Not very scenic around here though, all houses and driveways. The snow gets all dirty when it's plowed and piled along the edges.

Anonymous said...

We got the same thrown at us so you are not alone !
Loving your Blog !


Anonymous said...

We had the same thrown at us ! Hope that makes you feel better - Loving your blog !

Jewellery Craft said...

SNOW, no snow here, lots of rain, lots and lots of wind and some rather spectatular puddles, but no snow........Kids had gloves, scarves and wellies at the ready and it was a no show!

Mandie xxx

BetteJo said...

Jo, I have just posted snow over at my blog. We are currently waiting for more, I will try to take pictures tomorrow. But in the meantime - you can show your daughter a few pictures from my favorite snowstorm many years ago. :)