Ohhhh Wild!

The weather not my jewellery today! Bet you all wondered though. So who has sun, wind, rain, or even snow?? We are forecasted snow but as that happens every blue moon (which I'm sure its not) I'd be very surprised but I promise pics if we do. Elli has a inset day (teachers training day) tomorrow so it would be fab if we did have some. I'm planning cake making and other delights if not - we were planning on going off with Mamma and Gump (My parents) but with the weather being threatened we're not.

I assume my inspiration for these pieces came from the beautiful day we had at the beach on Sunday as well. Kara from Innocent Charms Chats says this one reminds her of the sky and the sea so its probably from Sunday. But my friend Caroline of Crafted Gems also posted a picture from her weekend where she went to the coast - her picture is the opposite of mine - maybe because she lives up in Scotland her picture is cold and wild with the sea crashing on the harbour. Wonderful I love it and of course I nagged her to let me post it here too

Isn't it fantastic!!!


Laura said...

Ooooh - those earrings are just lovely! I bet they sound nice. Kinda tinkly.

Laura x

BetteJo said...

Lovely jewelry, love the blue.

Snow here, 8 to 10 inches since yesterday. Not so lovely.

Margie said...

Lovely jewelry - the colors are really gorgeous. Blue is so soothing and calming...just the opposite of wild.

Caroline's picture is outstanding...powerful. Thank you, Jo.