So imagine me this morning - I played avoidance tactics until 10 am before I finally plucked up courage to phone the dentist - and guess what I have to wait 3 weeks!!!!! I mean anything could happen in 3 weeeks! Now in the UK we have NHS dentists and private ones - we are now private so you'd think the dentist could fit me in wouldn't you - so I'm now eating little bits - its taking me half an hour longer than normal to eat and cleaning my teeth arghhhh - am I going on, can you tell how cheesed off I am??? We had pizza for tea, every little crust felt like another tooth, well at least I will loose weight this way!

As promised more pieces to show you - silver and one gemstone piece - I love this bracelet - the labrodorite is quite chunky and the brushed silver discs give an added sparkle! The silver bangles or a Caboodle of bangles (lol!) are going to be sold in sets of threes but of course you can buy as many sets as you want - I love bangles when the weather get warmer and you hear the jingle jangle (Caroline of Crafted Gems and I had a conversation about it earlier) but I also love bangles with black - probably because I wear alot of it!!
And finally some more pebbles - aren't they shiney!!
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ButterflyBeadwear said...

Your poor Soul Jo, having to wait three weeks to see a private dentist, I can't believe it. I am apsolutely petrified of the dentist too.
Gosh you've been busy with the silver, and I love your future wishes bracelet, the colours are so beautiful and natural. Hope your tooth doesn't play you up too much. Take Care Jo, Tammy.

Laura said...

Don't dentists and doctors get on your nerves when it comes to appointments? It's almost as if they'd like you to plan when you're going to break a tooth or when you're going to be ill.

You poor thing - you have my sypmathy, Jo.

Laura x

Kebo Jewellery said...

Sorry to hear you are in pain with your tooth :o(

Love the new pieces, especially the silver earrings...delicious!!!

Kelly x

msbelle said...

If you have access to some orthodontic wax, place some on your broken tooth. If the tooth is sensitive to air and temperature, this will definitely help. I've been there before. I understand what you're going through.

The labradorite bracelet is awesome!! And your little silver studs are just perfect!