OH sorry!

Why am I saying sorry I bet your asking?? Well its because the tooth saga continues :( Today I had my appointment for my broken teeth (apologises for anyone new playing catch up here) and with a 12.30 appointment as always (I have a thing about being early) I was 15mins ahead of schedule! ten minutes of sitting went by with my poor Mum (who is also phobic of the dentists) and I trying to pretend we were fine while really we both were having palpatations with fear. Suddenly the receptionist looked up and said "Mrs Tubb the therapist is running behind" and with that I burst into tears - thank goodness the waiting room was empty!! How embarasssing although that wasn't the worst of it - when I eventually went upstairs to the room its was 55mins later!!
SO I sit down and wait my knees a knocking ( they do really don't they) and the very young (or am I getting older) therapist who I think could see I was alittle worried told me he was going to put the chair back so he could look - but nothing happened - no thats not true the chair moved I didn't so I think by now he really did know. Well to cut the long story a little shorter - as a therapist although he can do fillings etc he needs to go through my dentist first so Mr Cooke came in and looked and, you know the thing people do when they discuss you above your head, and your mind works overtime and before I knew it I was in floods of tears AGAIN. The tooth is unstable so they need to remove the filling ( I only have two) and check if their is decay underneath - if there is they want to EITHER do a root canal OR remove the tooth WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Now all this is a maybe but would you tell someone who is phobic and obviously in a state things like root canal, sedation, hosptital, extraction, drilling, and not expect them to literally fall to pieces - and then he asked me WHAT I wanted to do?? I couldn't even tell you my name by then!!! SO here I am supping rescue remedy and hav dug out my pot of Quiet Life and made an appointment to see the dr - I need something strong for next Tuesday!!!

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Laura said...

Oh my, Jo. How terrible. I really do feel sorry for you!

I've had two teeth extracted before. I promise you (totally honestly as a fellow dentalphobe) it's not half as bad as you'd imagine.

All I can say is get some form of drugs from your doctor, take an iPod or MP3 player when you go back to the dentist and try and relax as much as you can and while you're having the work done tell yourself that in an hour you'll be home and it'll all be done and dusted.

Big hug to you.

Laura xxx

Gemheaven said...

Oh you are a poppet Laura - did you have anything thing to cover the gap afterwards??

Jewellery Craft said...

ohhhhhhhhh I really feel for you! My poor dentist has a phobia of me, I get sooo screwed up at even a check up that I usually throw up during my appointment(no kiding).

I've had some dental probs in the past due to (confession time) my eating disorder and a car accident and I can honestly say that other than one really bad experience a dentist has never really hurt me but I still HATE them!

Ipod's good. Chin up hun.

Mandie xx

Laura said...

No, no form of covering or stitches. They were the two teeth either side of my eye teeth. I had them out years ago before I had my braces fitted. The dentist just packed the gaps with cotton wool pad things which I just had to replace until the bleeding had stopped. Mouths heal VERY quickly.

Poor you, Mandie. Sounds like you're an uber-dentalphobe!

Laura x

Gemheaven said...

ok thanks Laura

Ooohh Mandie you have got it bad as yet I've never been sick - just tears and palpatations lol

Beverley Abbott said...

Hey you silly mare!!! Ive had a root canal and its a peice of p**s!! I dont like the dentists either - well apart from the meatloaf looking dentist years ago ( dont ask)!! but honestly its no different from having a normal filling just a little more pulling!!
Sort yourself out woman
love ya
Bev xxxxx

Jewellery Craft said...

I shake from head to foot and bless, my poor long suffering dentist is so sweet and drop dead gorgeous..........and what do I do, throw up on him!

Mand xx

KARA said...

oh sweetie, now I can symapthise up until last year I was given a very strong dose of muscle relaxants and mood stabilisers just so I wouldn't give the dentist a black eye - again, but since meeting my new dentist, I have had my 1st root canal and although I cried I didn't loose it, a new dentist no matter what the cost £1000 last year its totally worth it.
sweetie i totally understand and my heart totally goes out to you xoxoxox

Jo said...

Big hugs Jo! Could your dentist give you something to take the morning before your appointment? My dentist realised the first time she met me that that was the only way I'd be able to set foot in the door again!
Laura's right, it's not going to be as bad as the nightmare you're imagining. My dentist told me to wriggle my toes while she does the injections and I don't know why, but it does help!
Jo x

Brandi said...

Oh, Jo, I'm so sorry!

I've had tons of (expensive) work done, mostly because I had an ass of a dentist when I was a kid. So, now, I get to have all of his shoddy work REDONE. Ugh, the last was a root canal on my front tooth, and I have a feeling another root canal is coming up because he did a poor filling.

An iPod is good, ask them to give you a lot of novicaine as well as the little gas mask, and just keep breathing deep.

Gemheaven said...

THanks Jo he didn't mention it - so I'm trying the drs lol

Gemheaven said...

OH Brandi we have no gas masks - no laughing gas - in fact nothing apart from a Garfield or Nemo poster to look at :(

Oh Novacaine will ask the dr lol

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Oh, you poor dear! Having a root canal sounds awful, I know -- but I had one a few months ago and it was not dreadful at all. I really couldn't feel a thing after they numbed me! And it was fine afterwards, no pain.

BetteJo said...

I had 4 teeth pulled before braces as a kid, 4 more pulled when my wisdom teeth came in, and 1 more about 5 years ago when there was decay under a crown. Sigh-h. I really really don't like going - but I find it's the thinking about it that makes it worse. Drugs Jo. Natural or prescribed - just a little something to take the edge off.

Gemheaven said...

I'm overwhelmed by the suppport my blogging friends have given me here - thank you so much!!
BetteJo in the UK I think our techniques in dentistry are not so gentle - but I'm gonna talk to my dr later about some drugs lol