Wet Sunday, lazy sunday!

OH its horrible out there - the wind is howling and the rain is lashing at my windows - earlier it was hammering on the roof of my garage while I was making some new pendants for my website. The sort of weather that makes you want to hibernate, the sort of weather before Elli I would have stayed in bed with a good book and lots of cups of tea - now I would feel guilty - not only because of spending time with Elli but also a day wasted would be my first thought. E cooked a fabulous roast dinner, of course with free range chicken (For those not watching UK tv here's a link to Chicken Out )

For those of you wondering why I haven't mentioned my tooth lol well its because I'm trying to pretend its not happening - sadly now you have reminded me and I'll have to go have a glass of wine to help my nerves!!! NO honestly I can't stop whats happening so I'm trying to go with the flow - the valium I'm sure will help although I am a little worried as taking two seemed to have no greater effect than one - mind you I'm not quite sure what I was expecting!! To my dear blog friend Brandi of Caties Blue - the reason my friend gave me of not having "laughing gas" is because it is now illegal !! IT can only be given in hospitals apparently - maybe something to do with thats its a strong sedative, my friend trained with its use but said no one can include it in treatment in the UK! Boohoo!

A few of my recent pieces above- Elegance is simple and chic with Rock Crystals and silver. The above pendant Full of Curves with handforged silver and prehnite - I really enjoyed creating this one.

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Jewellery Craft said...

Wet and Windy here in Dorset also but I love it, specially when the sea is big and rough.

Still hanging on to that poor toothie peg, when is d-day at the dentist, you'll be fine you know, its never as bad as you imagine.......I know what you're gonna say........this coming from another dental phobic.....I'm only trying to convince myself for an upcoming check up.

Crafted Gems said...

love those earrings, all of them lol