Still here with tooth!

Title to warn anyone who is bored of my tooth tales - so they can run screaming!!

Last night after pilates *Have wonderful story to tell you in a bit so scroll down if you don't want a tooth tale. I rang my best friend from school who is a dentist up near London, she was fantastic and told me to hold onto my tooth - apparently the last thing that should happen is an extraction. She also agreed with the drugs so yippee I have valium (Or an equivelant) and I have to have a trial run so tomorrow night is a right off lol!!

ok funny story from pilates - My friend Vicky drove last night and when we came out it was very dark with no street lights we walked up to the car and Vicky was having trouble getting her key in the keyhole - all of a sudden it unlocked and we climbed in. Vicky was a bit worried because she said she hadn't got the key in properly and with that the lights went on and off and the door locked and unlocked itself again. WIth that a lady knocked on the window - you guessed it, we were sitting in her car - luckily she saw the funny side of it - we were crying with laughter!!

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Kebo Jewellery said...

I love the pilates story, that is so funny!! I won't tell you about my VERY embarrassing pilates story!!!!!

Gorgeous bracelet...that charm bracelet looks lovely and full and I imagine it makes a fab sound when you move it!!

K x

Beverley Abbott said...

ROFL re the story!!
I couldnt stop laughing - how funny!
So your gonna be high tomorrow on the valium!! What are you like
loads of love bev xxxx

Crafted Gems said...

hehehe, you never told me that before, lol

KARA said...

that is too funny, I would have died. Hope the vallium is having the desired effect.
love the pieces

Coburg Crafts said...

Gorgeous bracelets!

Great story about the car... can just imagine it!

Jewellery Craft said...


Mand x

BetteJo said...

Yay for drugs! I mean, for something like dentistry anyway! I know a couple of people who call their doctor and get a prescription for something like only 5 pills when they have to fly somewhere. Maybe we're all about comfort here in the U.S.

Oh and I love the car story, that is too funny. You're right - it's a good thing that lady saw the funny side - I think I would have just about peed myself laughing once I realized what I had done.

Miss Moon said...

Beautiful pieces Jo, both of them :)

Sorry to hear you're still having trouble with The Tooth :(

But LMAO at you and your friend getting into another woman's car!!!

Liz x

Alibongo said...

Jo, just had to register so I can post a comment!

LMAO at the pilates story, sooo funny. I would've wet myself laughing!!

Stunning pieces as always, love the Blue Waters soooo much.

Laura Kay - said...

Hahah... Funny! I had a similar experience with a hotel room once. I was checking in, put my key in the door for the first time, tried to turn it and it didn't budge, but the door opened anyway... into an older woman who was walking out at exactly that same time. We both scared each other half to death! I was at the wrong door!

I just stumbled onto your site and I'm amazed at your beautiful bead jewelry (and even more impressive photos of your beautiful bead jewelry!)

Brandi said...

so, okay, your pilates car story had me laughing so hard, i almost fell off the chair and almost peed my pants at the same time!!!!!

and, seriously, why don't you have laughing gas over there?!?! i don't know how i could go through any dental procedure without it - which makes me sound like a drug addict! i'm not, i swear. :D

fhiona galloway said...

lovely jewellery as always :0)

Laurel said...

That's a GREAT story!!! I have tried to unlock so many cars that arent mine!!!!! How embarrassing!

Hooray for drugs!