I'm so scared!

OK I'm a big baby I'm terrified - I can't open my mouth or eat because part of my tooth has broken!! Now I had two fillings at the age of 11 and apart from when I fell off a horse and knocked both of them out ( the fillings not the teeth!) so they had to be be refilled I've had no other work done - no considering thats 20 *cough plus years I think I've done really well - with regular check ups I promise. But now I'm going to have to face my worst nightmare and actually go see my dentist with a problem - and they have to hold me down to clean my teeth so imagine the stress lol mind you I might loose the Christmas lbs in the meantime ;)

At the moment my tumbler is full of silver pieces so hopefully tomorrow I'll get chance to photograph them - the earrings above are a new range - there will be more than one pair of these so not only can you buy yourself a pair but your friends and family too! Made out of scrap silver (a mixture of sterling and fine silver) melted down to create these little pebbles - on stud backs they are chic - I love mine and thats saying something as I normally wear danglies! Of course because they are handcrafted each pair are slightly different!

The middle bangle is a commission for a special friend - the rubies are fabulous!! The bottom earrings are a little play I had with my disc cutter - like little hourglasses hence the name!!

More tomorrow - me and my half tooth!!
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Miss Moon said...

Aw Jo! You'll be fine, just close your eyes and think of beads :)

Love both earrings and the bangle is so beautiful, what a lucky friend!

Liz x

Laura said...

Oh no! Poor you, Jo. What a naff start to 2008. I too am terrified of the dentist. But whenever I've had work done it's never as bad as I think it's going to be.

Beautiful jewellery - I love that bangle!

Hope you get your tooth sorted out soon.

Laura x

BetteJo said...

Don't they practice gentle dentistry over there? Give you gas that makes you giggle, headphones to listen to music, and naughty pictures to look at on the ceiling? Okay, no naughty pictures. But it won't be so bad. It's always the thinking about it that's awful!

Gemheaven said...

Ohhh would be fun BetteJo I wouldn't mind if there was pics of Johnny Depp or George Clooney on the ceiling - I think they have Garfield lol!!

Beverley Abbott said...

love the new range of earrings! Jo your silver work is fantastic and im suited to bits that its coming on so brill!!
Keep up the good work and dont worry about the dentist - at least its not steve martins crazy dentist out of little shop of horrors - now I would be scared if it was him!!
love bev xxxx

Coburg Crafts said...

I feel for you, Jo. I've got to go in a couple of weeks... and he mentioned having to put pins into my tooth...EEEEEEKKKKKK!
Love the new earrings and the bangle is fabbo!

Gemheaven said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk Lesley

Shall we hold hands and shake together :)

msbelle said...

Oh, you poor dear! I feel for you! But you'll be ok.

Wonderful pieces! Been following you on Flickr. I'm amazed at your labradorite bead collection! Send some this way!!!