I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas - we did, although I seem to be sleeping constantly - is this a way of catching up or have I got a sleeping disease?? Eleven hours of sleep - feel like a baby - or I wish I did - is there such a thing as a too much sleep though because I certainly don't feel refreshed!! In fact I could go to bed right now except the cat is sprawled out on it and Elli is playing with her lego and needs a little help now and again - where's E ?? Three guesses - yes the golf course!

The above bracelet has beautiful artisan glass beads by Clare SCott with Amazonite, Karen Hill Tribe Silver and swarovski crystals.

THoroghly spoilt this year by my lovely family and a few silverwork tools were had so keep an eye out for some more silver pieces from me in the very near future! MY list for new goodies for the website is ready so I promise at some point in the day tomorrow I will add them - patience will be needed as I can't promise I will be up and about early or with a clear head!!

Wishing everyone a Wonderful 2008 - enjoy your evenings and above all Stay Safe!
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Miss Moon said...

Oh that is beautiful Jo! I love the soft colours :)

Hope you have a lovely new year,

Liz x

BetteJo said...

So pretty - I need to learn how to make the close spray of beads like that - I guess I need a tutorial because I can never get them so tight as to look like that. Beautiful!

Brandi said...

oh, jo, that bracelet is stunning!!

Laurel said...

Happy New Year sleepy-head!!

LOVE the bracelet!! You absolutely have the best eye for color and shape I have seen!!

KARA said...

oh sweetie, that sounds like me too, umm sleep.
love the bracelet, gorgeous as always.
happy christmas and have a fan dabby dozy 2008
can't wait to see new silver

clare said...

Oooooooh didn`t she do well.... Scrumptious colours! Happy New Year! P.S Nice Beads! Clare xx