Something Warm!


Brrr hasn't it gone all cold and stormy outside - walking Elli to school this morning was a battle and a half ! I felt like tying a rope around Elli's ankle just in case she did that Mary Poppins thing and took off! When Elli was about 3 and at afternoon nursery I remember walking to school with my brolly up. The wind was so strong it kept tugging it and I remember saying to my friend "Ohhh I'm gonna take off" with that a little hand came out and took my hand - tight and I mean so tight I could feel the blood leaving lol then another little hand and took hold of my coat. Looking down I saw a very worried 3 yr old and asked her what was the matter - "I don't want you to turn into Mary Poppins Mummy - she never came back!" Bless her - Mary Poppins was her favourite film - maybe she had overload;)

The above bracelet is with Carolines beautiful beads and mixed with deep Carnelian and Bali silver give a rich and warm looking bracelet don't you think?? The earrings of course are Isabelle Anderson beautiful simple earrings with a touch of Bali silver.


BetteJo said...

Beautiful, as usual! I never think to use red, but the contrast of the red with the bali silver is wonderful! Earrings are fantastic too!
But um - is a 'brolly' an umbrella? I love the differences in the language!

Gemheaven said...

Thank you Bettejo - yes brolly is umbrella lol :)