Today was Elli's first day of her nativity at school - my little munchkin was an angel but when I arrived at school she was an angel in floods of tears - her tummy hurt and she wanted to go home. Now any Mother with a dramatic child will go through the same questions as I did - first the soft cajoling, then the concerned maybe she's going to be ill again (see yesterdays post!) then the bribe - if the bribe doesn't work then she really is poorly - it didn't to begin with I said no to Rainbows later and she shook her head - then her teacher offered a merit - these little stickers they are given for good work - and all of a sudden she nodded and decided to be brave - what is it with stickers lol!!


Anyway she did the nativity with her angel song and routine - made Mummy's eyes water too!! But because she did do the play I had to let her go to Rainbows last evening with Mums and Daughters so I'm all covered in glitter and glue - great fun crafting!!

I'm off to crash on the sofa now - until tomorrows play - fingers crossed she makes it for Daddy to watch!!


msbelle said...

Hi there! I saw this on Flickr and thought I'd pop over and say hello to you on your blog! "Hello!"

This is a beautiful, beautiful piece, as is all your work!! :)


Mandie said...

My eldest son is just 18, but his first nativity had me sobbing all the way home, he had a very small part, forgot his one line, scanned the audience continually for me. I was sat at the back with my camera held above my head taking wobbley shakey pics which I treasure to this day.
Mandie x