Who hid Thursday??

Arghhh the week is going too fast and I haven't written a single card yet!! I know I'm not the only one but its starting to get scary!! On a good note Elli did her nativity without tears yesterday which was lovely but Daddy says it was because of him being there *rolls eyes!!

I seem to be missing parcels though - beads, dvds, cd's, silver, more beads,and gemstones - for some reason things are taking an age to get to me and I'm starting to worry - now someone tell me if the post office is striking and I just don't know it or is someone sitting looking at my beads and wondering who they are for?? I'm impatient for my parcels as it is but when I have a commission to finish for next Thursday and the componants haven't arrived yet the panic does set in - so maybe if you all cross your fingers for me they'll arrive tomorrow morning - tell you what - anything that arrives tomorrow morning I'll photograph them for you to see - ok??

Lots of gemstone jewellery I have been creating this week as you can see - the bottom one is a sterling silver ring with garnets and silver.

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Miss Moon said...

Ooh Jo, these are divine :)

Liz x

Laura said...

Lovely jewellery, Jo. I love the second pair of earrings especially.

The post is indeed slow. I'm waiting for things too - annoying, isn't it?!

Laura x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Did your parcels arrive??? I think its just the general xmas rush with regards to posting it all seems to be slowing down. Some beautiful designs you have there Jo!

Janine xx

Nicky said...

I know what you mean about the parcels Jo, i ordered a load of beads from 3 different compaines on the 7th, i received 2 of them on the 13th and the other one came yesterday and that was a Special Delivery ! Even i had to check RM to see if there was a strike.

Hope they arrive soon !

Catherine said...

I know exactly what you mean! Drives me mad! I love the ring, really stunning!!

Jewellery Craft said...

ooohhhhhhhhhhh, lovely lovely pretty things, I especially love the lolite and lemon quartz earrings!!!
As for the post, well its the silly season, I wish the postie would go on strike and then I wouldn't have to explain to everyone why they haven't a card............its not that I haven't posted em, I haven't written em yet, just a little behind!!!!!
Mandie xxx
Ps still no mojo!