On the mend!

Thank you so much for the Get Better soon messages I have - it was lovely:D I did mean to post yesterday but ended up collapsing on the sofa instead - sorry! I did before that catch up on some commissions outstanding so the pressure is definately off now (well only my own pressies to make and do - hahah is my own sisters read this I wonder if they are rolling their eyes!) I have also been in an earring mood and have made a few pairs - maybe because my attention spane doesn't have to be for too long??!!


Elli had her testing today with school for swimming - now I think she is a beautiful swimmer - she swims with her hands by her sides flipping her feet like a mermaid ( head under water *very important) she glides through the water so gracefully .... and then she needs some air so she doggy paddles while she gasps and phew back down for more graceful swimming - I guess you can get the picture - if we gave her a snorkal I think she would do just fine lol!! Needless to say she only managed 9 metres - yep 1 metre too short for her badge and certificate - but well done for getting that far - if you read back on my blog you will see the magical moment she suddenly could swim - it wasn't that long ago!

Tomorrow is a special day for my family so I will be writing about someone special .....

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Krista said...

Stunning as always chick:0)