Man Flu


Yes I caught my husbands Man flu - I felt yucky all day Friday but had my final party of 2007 to prepare for so had to soldier on (whose playing that violin!?!) party was fab but when I got home this stinking cold piled in and on Saturday I took to my sofa (caught up on some tv lol) and didn't really move off it all day - yesterday I pottered but still feel awful BUT because my lovely husband kept working through his I can't go hibernate I'd never hear the last of it ;)

I've nearly uploaded all my new pieces onto the website but this month I will try and add something as soon as its made - as much as I can anyway!!

The charm bracelet is with of course Caroline Hannon's charm beads in black and silver with black agate, onyx and crystals, lots of silver and some jingling bells - Elli says its sounds like Santas sleigh!!


Kebo Jewellery said...

Oh Jo, sorry to hear you have been poorly :o( I hope you feel better soon!!

Beautiful bracelet, it looks lovely and full!

KARA said...

oh sweetie rest, you deserve it.
Wow you have had such a year, congrats.
love the baracelet oh is santa on his way yippee

Laura said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Jo.

Lovely bracelet - black and silver together is so classy.

Laura x

Catherine said...

How miserable! Hope you feel better soon!

I love the bracelet! It'll look gorgeous with a 'little black dress'.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're better. :o)

Lovely bracelet!

Gemheaven said...

Thanks everyone - I'm getting there!!

Brandi said...

Aww, Jo... I'm sorry! Boo on Man Flu!!