Gift Certificates

I often get asked for gift certificates or vouchers while I am on the circuit doing my parties and moving my website meant we could actually make this possible - we have two ways of being able to do this - 1) By email - basically you send money to someone via the internet - the money goes into their basket to spend as and when they want OR 2) By post, this involves a card and paper certificate as above but once the recipiant goes through checkout they redeem the certificates value against jewellery - all good fun !!

SO now when thinking of friends and family you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong piece - a Gift Certificate saves the day!! Of course I couldn't leave you all without showing you at least one piece of jewellery ;)


Catherine said...

What an excellent idea! You're going from strength to strength. Good for you!

Miss Moon said...

A great idea Jo, and your gift cards look amazing :)

Liz x

Brandi said...

Fantastic idea, Jo!!