Funky Chunky!

Oh the inspiration is piling out of me at the moment - mainly silver - I've been making in my garage again today - luckily it wasn't as cold today - yesterday my fingers lost all feeling and I had to come in to warm them up - the tumbler was going some too and this morning lots of shiny pieces were pulled out - I promise to photograph them all tomorrow!!

This piece was inspired by , not only the name Beverley Hicklin the Glass artist gave them "Sea scape" but the colours - then I found a poem by Emily Dickinson I knew it was a good name. This piece is chunky - there is no escaping it but including the handmade chain she truly is a fab piece (yes I sometimes even say it :) )

There is a bracelet (Not yet photographed which I will add here when done) with simple handmade chain with just a simple bead.



Catherine said...

Lovely pieces Jo! I can't wait to see your silver work!

Beverley Abbott said...

Love the new look babe and your pieces are just adorable!

Still battling with this cold Yuk!!
love Bev xx

Anonymous said...

Thought I had the wrong blog for a minute! (until I saw the necklace of course!) Both are looking great! :o)

Crafted Gems said...

love the new look blog and that necklace is stunning

KARA said...

yummy pieces can't wait to see silver, you know I love silver.