Ice Themed

Ok the chill in the air has finally got me inspired - these beautiful crystal quartz nuggets are like ice cubes - hence the name - maybe watching the cruise ship sink in the Antartic inspired me really - mind you cruising in the freezing cold doesn't appeal to me AT ALL!! But then you all know I love blue - blue skies and blue seas lol
Now my husband would love to go somewhere cold - with snow thats a must but Elli and I aren't so sure. Elli says aged 5 "I want to wear my bikini" MUmmy says aged £& (haha) "Well I could wear lots of clothes!!" but my preference is warmth definately!!


Catherine said...

These are lovely - just the thing for this time of year! Mind you, I'm with you on the warm weather holiday.

I saw your gorgeous blue bead designs on Clare Scott's website today! Well done you!!

Crafted Gems said...

now i love snow, which is good considering where i live, lol

and stunning jewellery, they've given me an idea but it'll need some research

Lisa said...

All your jewellery is looking very beautiful of late. You must be very inspired at the moment.
I like your new template too!


BetteJo said...

Oooh - crystal clear can be worn with anything! Although yes, right now it does remind me of ice, getting a bit chilly here now.

Laura said...

Liking the swanky new look blog and website, Jo!

Beautiful icy-feel jewellery too.

I'm totally with your hubby on the cold holiday thing. I would love to go to Alaska or the really snowy bits of Canada.

Laura x