Christmas fair

Tonight I have my first Christmas Fair - so you can imagine how busy it is in Gemheaven household but Wednesdays aren't not a good day here -- manic running around is just a normal Wednesday - we have swimming with the school (which is most of the school afternoon by the time you get home you have to leave to go collect your child from school!) Then homework and an early dinner before Rainbows - now today my Elli is taking her "promise" but at the same time I have to be unpacking my display - so I feel incrediably guilty at missing this - I do wish leaders would give more notice :(

Today I decided to post everything I have made in the last couple of days beginning with "S" - why i hear you ask - maybe its to do with the "snakes" I have with family committments, my work and passion and the juggling I seem to be doing at the moment - I'm sure it will all settle down real soon but for the moment I feel like the plate spinners you see trying to keep everything up in the air!
I haven't mentioned it before but my "E" is revamping my website - its looking fantastic and I'm really pleased - it looks very professional as he's not involved with IT at all. I will update you all with news of it going live - of course it will be the same web address but anyone on my mailing list will probably have to re-submit their details but emails will be sent out to remind you of this!

Back to my plate spinning :D

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KARA said...

woohoo for Ellie, how big is she getting, ahh such a sweetie.
Good luck tonight, ugh, my first xmas fair is Saturday the next 3 weekends are off limits, I am soo tired and they haven't started yet.
Take care

Brandi said...

Yay for Ellie! (But what's a "promise"?)

And *hugs* to you Jo - it'll be over, right?? Right?

We need wine.

Gemheaven said...

lol a promise it basically

I promise I will do my best and serve god and be a good rainbow lol

Its part of the girl guide movement - but for littlies - they more on to Brownies , then guides (Boys have beavers,, Cubs and scouts) Ring any bells??

And yes please to the wine - did you ever think it would be this busy??

Online jewellery said...

Beautiful jewellery!

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Jo, your still keeping busy as ever, haven't heard anything from you in a while-hope your well. Hope all goes well party and promise-I'm sure it will. Your jewellery is looking stunning as ever.

Gemheaven said...

Hi Tam
Sorry hun don't mean to be slack just very busy - ((HUGS))