Sorry for being slow

A very short post to say I am around - just having a little loss of muse at the moment - think she's gone a short break - well I hope its not long haul!! I'm also working on my brand new website so thats taking up a lot of time but we're nearly there!!!!
Word of warning for everyone who has created an account on my old website - you 'll have to do it all again :( So sorry but hopefully the new look and shopping facilities will make it all worth your while - I'll keep you all updated!

OH its up E just phoned to say we are LIVE!!!! eeeekkk

Comments are appraciated lol - am scared now!

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Beverley Abbott said...

Hey matey,
just had a gander and the site looks ace!! really clean cut and professional!!

love bev xx

Catherine said...

It looks really upmarket. I think it's great!

BetteJo said...

Oooooh! Really nice!!

Crafted Gems said...

love love love the new site

lets hope your muse comes back soon

KARA said...

oh pretty earrings, I don't think your muse has left they are gorgeous.
off to check out new site
love ya

Krista said...

Tis lovely :0), tell me about it havn't made anything for months, iv decided im just gonna start again afder xmas now, hope your muse re-appears soon :0), Krista x