She's back!

Yes my muse is back and I'm creating again woohoo!! I felt like my arm had been left somewhere - and to create with hardly any pressure is such a good feeling (Yes I still have commissions to do !)

This necklace with a load of Karen Hill Tribe with Caroline Hannon's beads as focals is named after the Goddess of healing and fertility.- I love the silver beads!

The bracelet, in one of my favourite styles is again Carolines beads with lots of sterling silver jump rings - she's named after Coventina, goddess who personified a holy spring (that was reputed to have healing powers). I seem to be inspired by Goddess at the moment - last time it was Celtics lol - I wonder why!!
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fhiona galloway said...

OOh! I love this!
so pretty-I really love the uneven silver beads between the others.
Sadly I'm skint with tax payments looming-eek!

Crafted Gems said...

wow Jo, i just love what you've done with my beads

Beverley Abbott said...

Love them both jo,

fab beads too and glad your muse thingy is back lol!!
love bev xxx

KARA said...

gorgeous goddesses, love all the silver, I must find some silver and treat myself