I've taken to sleeping with a notepad beside my bed - my mind is so full up of things I need space - maybe spring cleaning my brain may be a good idea!! MY notepad actually looks very organised I have lists, I have tickings, I have numbers and I have a IOU list lol - and it looks very organised - just don't expect my work space to be the same way - I cannot create when its tidy and clear!

Sometimes my life feels like a dance - a dance I'm definitely not leading - maybe I should just relax and let the dance take me where the music leads but the problem is sometimes I want to dance to something else!! I like to think I have rhythm I know my lovely E hasn't well not my sort in fact its a family trait - they're all 10 seconds behind the rest of us! When we were arranging our wedding we talked about doing "our dance" to Harry Connick Jnr - but of course lessons weren't within our budget - shame it would have been good - well if our rhythm was right lolEnough ramblings from me and no I haven't been drinking!! I did seem to go off on a tangent so for everyone who stayed the course my apologises - blame the diet coke I've just drunk!

Hope you enjoy the jewellery - inspired by the fabulous Laura Sparlings beads of course!
© Gemheaven 2007


Laura said...

I'm the same - my workbench in the shed is a right state. I had a good hoover up this morning to get rid of bits of stringer as I kept getting bits of glass embedded in my elbows. Youch!

Thing is, if I tidy too much I can't work properly. Odd.

Anyway, beautiful jewellery, Jo. I love the necklace especially. :o)

Laura x

KARA said...

wow love the tangent a very kara moment. lol.
love those beads of lauras they are super pretty.

DragonflyLynne said...

I love this Jo! It's so cheerful and eyecatching! Lynne x

Beverley Abbott said...

Hey my sweet lovely creations yet again - ooh and arnt these the beads that I wanted!! LOL u bugger pinching them from me!! Ha Ha,
speak prob on Monday now as Im in Harrogate all weekend and I have the worst chest thing going on you have ever heard - I sound like I am on Capstan full strength! Sent your parcel today btw!

love Bev xxx