Capturing Cornwall

Again more soldering from me and this time I have branched out into bangles yay!! I love this one with the wrapped sea glass (Cornish of course) - they come with either one piece or 3 on them - I'm really pleased with the result aand have been wearing it continuosly since - it makes a lovely sound when they knock together!!Of course matching earrings - the beauty of sea glass is not only, as I believe each piece tells a tale, but each piece is unique with a variety of colours , aqua, frosted clear, green and even blue - the colbalt is stunning and before it was just too small to drill - now I have a use for then all!!

And finally with a "pebble"!! Again these bangles can incorporate anything even silver charms! Can you tell I'm happy - another big THANK YOU to Hannah of Kutuu for mentoring me through these!
© Gemheaven 2007


Miss Moon said...

Gorgeous pieces Jo! I'm loving your new bangles :) Wish I knew the secret of wrapping stones with wire...yours look amazing.

Liz x

KARA said...

AMAZING Jo, I wish I was allowed a soldering iron but my family say its too dangerous, bangles I love more than bracelets, gorgeous, may have to get you to make me one.
Love the sea glass of course, did you ever go on a silversmith course ?

Gemheaven said...

Yes Kara I did a weekend course which helped me enormously!!

Glad you liked them!!

Kutuu said...

Oh Jo - they are gorgeous!!! Are they oval shaped bangles? My favourite just has to be the seaglass one, I'm loving your Capturing Cornwall pieces - so special and YOU! :o)

Kebo Jewellery said...

Wow, they are fantastic. I made a bangle at college last week and it doesn't look half way as good as yours!!

K x

Laura said...

I adore the top bangle, Jo!

Fantastic work.

Laura x

Lisa Horner said...

Well done you - for making real use of the silver-smithing course we both went on. I hopefully will do more of this when I (hopefully) get on my 3D course next year. Can you buy soldering equipment cheaply? Perhaps I should keep it up.
Take care and looking forward to my bracelet.

Brandi said...

Jo, those are fabulous! I want one! lol

Brandi said...

Jo, is the Capturing Cornwall bangle for sale?

Gemheaven said...

I can make you one Brandi send me an email ;)

ButterflyBeadwear said...

Fantastic work as always Jo, capturing Cornwall, I would to capture a bit of Cornwall and have it here with me, prehaps a little door I could use once a month to visit my grandparents, do a bit of shopping, listen to the seagulls and get that pastie smell stuck up my nose!!