Blue is the colour!

Usually I get inspired by blue when the seasons change into spring and summer - thats when the sea changes from grey to blue but for some reason I still want to create blue and when I saw these fabulous beads by Clare Scott I just had to have them!! Maybe its wishful thinking or maybe not but I still am swayed by blue!!

I also added, apart from the usual silver, some swarovski crystals in blue and pink - which hopefully you can see pulls the colours out! Lastly a pendant with silk ...

I also love looking for unusual pieces to use in my jewellery and while browsing I found Chinook Jewellery , Melissa the lovely lady who is Chinook Jewellery also creates fabulous cermaic pendants - definately my style ,from botanical to seashore!! This is my first purchase - they are truly beautiful!!


Catherine said...

Truly gorgeous jewellery. I love the colours. You're probably hankering after the warmer weather. You never know, we might get some next year.

Anonymous said...

Ooh beautiful! Love the silk pendant. Nothing wrong with blue!

Have you seen Gaea? I studied them in college for ceramics - similar sort of stuff. :o)

KARA said...

well you know gorgeous that I already love the blue, I am not usually a fan but you have converted me.
Those pendants are stunning, I love them very me.
Can't wait to see what you make with them

Brandi said...

YAY JO! Congrats on making Indiepublic Member of the Day!

fhiona galloway said...

lovely new site too! you've been busy.
And as always lots of adorable jewellery!