Bring them out!!

Yay I made some stud earrings - it was a bit hit and miss but I did it - another string to my bow which is great I always get asked for stud earrings - so comments please!!

Just to prove I have been making with my favourite artian glass - this bracelet is a favourite of mine the colours are earthy but with oil slick colours - the name Cornubia is the old celtic spelling of what we now know as Cornwall. The name means "people of the horn", ie the Land's End section of the Cornish peninsula.

The name of this bracelet come from the Menhirs of Cornwall - men meaning stone and hir meaning long - longstones.

One of the most impressive Menhirs is Men Scryfa, a short walk from Men-an-Tol. The name means "inscribed stone" and is thought to be the burial place of a King slain at the battle of Gendhal Moor. Inscribed are the latin words "Rialobrani Cunovali Filii" - Rialobran, son of Cunoval. Legend says he was as tall as his grave stone - nine feet - and lays buried beneath it with his weapons and treasures.
Taken from Standing Stones of Cornwall

I definately have been feeling my roots this week!!

OK I have a party at Nics tomorrow night so if you see anything you fancy here on the blog remember to let me know before 6 pm tomorrow - Thanks

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KARA said...

oh lovely, wow to the studs, I tell you I am gonna save up for a pair of them.
Hope the party is a success, although I know it will be your stuff is the best

Brandi said...

i love the studs, too!! i usually wear dangly earrings, but those studs would be perfect for any occasion, really.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Oooh, what a feast! I love your work, you always use the best beads, and the earrings are fab.

BetteJo said...

Beautiful bracelets - just gorgeous!

Crafted Gems said...

i love the studs too, i want a pair of those

oh and those beads we where talking about are on my blog

DragonflyLynne said...

Lovely eye candy Jo! The studs are fabulous. I always love checking your blog and looking at your wonderful creations. Lynne x

Catherine said...

I think the studs are great! You're work's always fab and I can see why you're so successful!

Fuzzy Izmit said...

You have some lovely jewelry. Great job!

MyCharlieGirl said...

ooo your blog is so pretty! Audrey is great, hey! xx