The Secret Garden

I love the story of the Secret Garden - its one of those feel good stories with twists and turns - but then I did read a LOT as a child ( still do ) and its just another memory - of course I watched the adaptation too! There artisan glass beads by Isabelle Anderson seemed magical with a hidden depth - almost like there was more inside if only you could get in!!

I will be addding charms when they arrive (I hate waiting for my silver I'm so impatient) I've mixed black onyx and amethyst too and some gorgeous hammered disc beads - but take note of the pretty clasp!
I'm adding link to the secret garden page on Wiki for you to have a nose at for anyone not knowing the story! HERE


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Jennifer said...

*happy sigh* this one!!!


Catherine said...

This bracelet is lovely Jo. Isabelle makes such beautiful beads. The clasp is gorgeous. Don't suppose you'd let me into the secret of where you purchase your silver from please? If it's top secret, I understand.

Gemheaven said...

Email me Catherine and I'll tell you :D

BetteJo said...

Very pretty - those beads are gorgeous! The Secret Garden, one of my daughter's favorites. She likes to wear a small silver key on a chain sometimes, that reminds her of the story.

Miss Moon said...

Ooh that's gorgeous Jo! Beautiful clasp, amazing beads and I love how you've picked out the lilac :)

Laura said...

Love the bracelet, Jo. And Isabelle's beads are lush!

Laura x