MY silver as promised!!

Well everything is out of my tumbler and all photographed - now my skills are still quite basic but I love soldering - can you tell?? Now I have made a commission piece - the lady in question (*waves as I know she reads here occassionally) wanted a hammered ring necklace which went from large to small - with the small rings passing through the large at the end. What do you think then??
I'm really pleased with the effect so I hope the lady in question is too!!

A few of my other silver pieces for you to look at below!!


Crafted Gems said...

oooooooooooooooooo that necklace is lush, very very lush in fact, your soldering is coming along a treat

Jana said...

That necklace is just stunning, as is your other silver work - and everything else you make quite frankly!! I have a dumb question though - what exactly is 'hand forging'?

Jennifer said...

Woohooo!!!!!!!!! AWESOME necklace!! I absolutely love it Jo! (And the updated look to your blog!) *grin*


Gemheaven said...

Thanks everyone :D

Jana hand forging is basically is

hand - process - I do it all by hand
forging - shaping of metal

Hope that helps

Catherine said...

I love the necklace! Very arty!!

BetteJo said...

Beautiful necklace, new look for the blog, you're batting a thousand!

Beverley Abbott said...

that necklace is to die for! I swear it jo I love it, your silver smith course has paid dividends and I can see your stuff going from strength to strength.
Great stuff
love bev xxxxx

KARA said...

oh my god you so got the commision right - genius thats what you are.
I am so loving everything

Brandi said...

Beautiful Jo, as always!!

Barb Macy said...

Jo, your stuff is gorgeous, and as always your photography is perfect! Love that circle necklace! I've been really into them lately, too!