OHhh I feel clever!!

Just a quick blog post as I'm getting everything ready for Jo's jewellery party tonight but look at what I made!! Thanks to Hannah of Kutuu (My little mentor) I managed to actually make my own chain - considering how many charm bracelets I sort of needed too!! One is oval links and one is oval and square - look out next week and my charm bracelets will be even more handcrafted!!!
Here's a taster of my latest ( But one I have another 2 to show you!!) This one is simple and lighter but the silver drops still give the lovely swishy sound!! Isabelles beautys - just in case you were wondering!! Right off to do some more preparations.

More tomorrow! (DOn't forget no ordering between 6pm and 6am - or send me a wishlist and I'll let you know whats still available)
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DragonflyLynne said...

I am so impressed with your new chains Jo!! They are just brilliant! And "After the Storm" is beautiful. Lynne x

Anonymous said...

Lol @ "my little mentor"!!!

You already know I think those chains are great. I'm sure you'll make fantastic charm bracelets with them too!

Kebo Jewellery said...

Wow, they are fab...did you make the rings yourself and solder them?

K x

P.S. Good luck with the party

Miss Moon said...

Well done Jo, your chains look fab! I love the square & oval one, it's really different :)

Liz x

Maz Simpson said...

Jo, those chains are just fab!! I really like the square links :) Hope your party went ok!

Maz x