Merry Christmas!

Elli is on count down as and from later today the Christmas here begins - meeting and seeing friends for gift giving and lots laughter! So i thought a quick post now would be better then waking up on Christmas morning knowing I had no chance to wish you all - my friends and customers of 2007 a Very Merry Christmas. So here I am!!
SO to everyone who has supported me during 2007 - I really am blessed with so many talented, and wonderful friends and also my customers who without whom my inspiration could not have been channeled!!
See you all very soon
Loads of love
Jo & Family
(The above necklace "Ethereal Forest" includes artisan beads by Isabelle Anderson with gemstones and crystals)
© Gemheaven 2007


BetteJo said...

Beautiful necklace made from beautiful beads!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, hope it's wonderful. :)

Laurel said...

OH JO!!!! All of these things are so beautiful!!!!!

Why don't you show them on Cagey, they'd go MAD!!!!!

You are so talented! Your work is some of the first I ever fell in love with and really inspired me! (did I tell you that already, probably!)

Gemheaven said...

Thanks Bettejo

Laurel your making me blush!! Thank you so much!!

Kebo Jewellery said...

Beautiful necklace Jo.

Merry Christmas!

K x

Melissa said...

Stunning Necklace!!
And Happy Holidays to you!

KARA said...

oh Jo sweetie I hope you all had a fab holiday down there in cornwall, love to elli, hope she is soo tired from playing with all her wonderful pressies.
love you loads and hope 2008 is a brill year

ButterflyBeadwear said...

hi Jo
I'm back again!!! It's been so hectic lately, and I've been a bit poorly, hopefully I won't abandon my blog again!!!
I love the colours in this necklace and the lovely wire wrapped around the beads, it's a stunner!!
Hope you have a fab Christmas.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Lovely, Jo! Makes me want to put on a lacy white dress and dance in the moonlight. Hmmmm, I'm pretending I am . . . .

Gemheaven said...

wow some lovely messages here thank you everyone!!

Cindy keep dancing lol

Tammy - good to see you back :)

Kara - Elli was thoroughly spoilt lol - back to it now hey!!


Laurel said...

Show more, show more!!!!!!