Its Monday - right??

Its no good having Elli home from school - it throws my week right out - so its not Monday?? Elli has gone back to school today - no temperature this morning and she was desperate to go because their school nativity starts tomorrow so off she went wrapped up in her hat, scarf and gloves!! It was freezing this morning or as Elli calls it "Jack Frost has been".

I actually started on my family's pressies this morning - of course I can't show you because they may peak!! Lets just say I nearly froze my fingers off this morning in my garage it was so cold - think I may have to invest in a little heater to take the edge off the cold air in there. Cold hands does not make it easy to work especially when you keep hammering your fingers at the same time!!

The above necklace is created with Isabelle Anderson's etched purple beads with amethyst and silver - on silver adjustable chain - what do you think??


KARA said...

oh sweet little ellie, hope she is still feeling well, i am loving this necklace gorgeous colours and you know I love your half and half necklaces

Gemheaven said...

Thanks Kara - she's much better but I'm the worst mummy in the world because I've said no to the carol service tonight :(

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Delicious necklace!

Gemheaven said...

Thanks Cindy *waves madly!!

Catherine said...

The necklace is really lovely Jo!

Your poor daughter, missing the carol service. So many fun things happen this time of year but it's also the time when everyone seems to be ill!! Hope she enjoys the nativity play instead.

BetteJo said...

Gorgeous necklace! I really like purple but make so little with it. This is just beautiful!
Oh - took a minute for this American to figure out what "pressies" meant! I love learning a new language! :)