Happy Birthday Nan!

Today my lovely Nan is 85 shhhh don't tell her I told you - you see its a secret she tells everyone she's 39!!! Ever since I was little my Nan has been 39 and yes it took a few years to sink in that she wasn't really - trusting little soul I was!

My Nan has always been an inspiration to me - life is always happy and full of fun - we not similar except I suppose I am a morning person ;) and I have her black hair but you see my Nan was beautiful - pictures of her as a young woman I see her as glamourous in that 1940's way - like the movie stars - I have heard she caused a stir when she moved down to Mevagissey after meeting and marrying my Pops - she was born and raised in Tunbridge Wells. During the war while my Pops was stationed in Kent (thats when they met) my Nan worked in an aeroplane factory - building parts for the aircraft- she said she never understood why she couldn't have been sent to the chocolate factory!!

SO I made these pieces for my Nan - she loves purple which is why I chose the Amethyst and I thought the pearls have that classical beauty about them! We are all going out on Sunday to celebrate!
Oh and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kara - one of the loveliest ladies on the blogging world I know - see her HERE


Catherine said...

What a beautiful necklace! It's really classic and I think you're Nan's going to LOVE it.

Catherine x

ps - all the best people come from T/Wells!!!! (so I'm told) ;-)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to your Nan! What a wonderful life story - you sound very proud of her, Jo.

Beautiful jewellery (those earrings are just lovely) as well. I'm sure your Nan will love it!

Laura x

KARA said...

oh sweetie thanks for the mention, I love hearing about your nan she sounds so cool, oh she is from round the corner.
I love these pieces.
Hope she had a fab birthday